Francis DiPersio

Frank has been the caffeine-fueled evil overlord of HeyPoorPlayer since 2008. He speaks loudly and carries a big stick to keep the staff of the HPP madhouse in check. A collector of all things that blip and beep, he has an extensive collection of retro consoles and arcade machines crammed into his house. Currently playing: Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou (Arcade), Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (Switch), Neo Turf Masters (Neo Geo)

DOOM Eternal Gets A Gruesome New Gameplay Trailer

Watch The Doom Slayer go Ginsu on a Cyberdemon with the Crucible Sword.   With just over two months to go until DOOM Eternal raises hell on consoles and PC, Bethesda Software has released a new trailer fresh for players to rip and tear into. The new trailer clocks…

Streets of Rage 4 Is Getting A Limited Physical Release

Limited Run Games steps up to produce a physical version of DotEmu’s hugely anticipated beat ’em up.   Limited Run Games has confirmed via their social media accounts today that they will be producing a limited physical release for Streets of Rage 4.   We’re excited to announce that…

Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Been Delayed

That long-awaited vacation to Midgar you’ve been planning will have to wait until April 10, 2020.     If you’re one of the millions of gamers who’ve been anxiously awaiting the chance to return to the gritty streets of Midgar in Final Fantasy VII Remake in just a few…

Hardcore Mecha Stomps Onto The PlayStation 4 Today

RocketPunch Games brings hard-hitting mech action to the PlayStation Store.   Following a successful release on Steam last summer, RocketPunch Games has announced that their frantic, mech-based action platformer, Hardcore Mecha is now available for the PlayStation 4 in North America. The game was Kickstarted in 2016 and is…

Trials Of Mana Character Trailer Introduces Kevin and Charlotte

Trials of Mana’s new character spotlight trailer introduces a beasty boi and superstitious scaredy-cat.   A new trailer for Trials of Mana has been released, introducing two more of the upcoming RPG’s six playable protagonists, Kevin and Charlotte. Kevin is heir to the throne of Ferolia. His father is…

SEGA AGES Shinobi and Fantasy Zone Head To Switch This Month

SEGA AGES Shinobi and Fantasy Zone hit the Nintendo Switch eShop on January 23.   Shinobi and Fantasy Zone will be making their way to the SEGA AGES line-up for the Switch on January 23, Sega announced today.   The SEGA AGES version of Shinobi includes a new AGES mode that gives Sega’s…

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