Colin Regan

Colin loves video games, indie/hip-hop/punk music, pro wrestling, and chili dogs as if they were his own children. But if he had to play favorites it would be video games. His favorite series include Tony Hawk, Mass Effect, Metal Gear, Guitar Hero, Jak & Daxter, and Kingdom Hearts. Also enjoys American Football in real-life, video game, and indie band form.

Golem Review (PC)

Shiny Orbs and Wireframe Golem tries to take what people loved about the simplicity of Monument Valley‘s puzzle solving and the visual splendor of games like Journey and ABZÛ, and mostly succeeds. But due to some unclear steps in puzzles and animation, it doesn’t really measure up. The player…

Hitman 2 Leaked Ahead of its Reveal

It’s official, #LEAK3 has begun! (I am so Sorry) It wouldn’t be E3 season without some juicy leaks and we have quite the doozy on our hands today: Hitman 2.  WB picked up the publishing rights to the much-anticipated sequel to the brilliant reboot of Hitman earlier this year…

Coffee Crisis Review (PC)

Coffee Bean’d Beat-em’-up games are often self-defeating. Too many times a game like this comes out where the difficulty is too steep to overcome and frustration rears its ugly head. This mentality that these kinds of games need to be hard is rooted in their history in arcades, however…

The Fall Review (Switch)

Space Paranoid Androids     When Limbo came out in 2010, it enveloped you in its dark, murky world immediately when you booted the game up. The tone was immediately apparent as you started to run through the foreboding landscape; once that Giant Spider starts chasing you that foreboding…

Late Shift Review (Switch)

American Laser Games Reunion Tour ’18   Live-Action FMV games are mostly a relic of an age where games wanted to be narratively dense, but the gameplay would be sparse in comparison. There were some that handled both well, like Wing Commander III, but most skewed heavily towards telling a…

The Fall Coming to Switch on May 10th

Are you sure your Labo Robot isn’t sentient?   Indie dev Over The Moon announced today that they will be bringing their critically acclaimed sci-fi adventure The Fall to Nintendo eShop on May 10th. While Switch owners have been able to play the sequel for this acclaimed cyberpunk noir game…

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