Colin Regan

Colin loves video games, indie/hip-hop/punk music, pro wrestling, and chili dogs as if they were his own children. But if he had to play favorites it would be video games. His favorite series include Tony Hawk, Mass Effect, Metal Gear, Guitar Hero, Jak & Daxter, and Kingdom Hearts. Also enjoys American Football in real-life, video game, and indie band form.

Astroneer Review (PC)

“That Astronaut Came From The MOON!” The term “casual gaming” often comes with negative connotations. Mostly it’s used as a pejorative to belittle a particular game for having a low skill ceiling, or one that doesn’t offer as much in-depth content as another game might. While both of these…

Soulblight Review (Switch)

Evil Trees and Horrific Monsters   Soulblight is not exactly a unique experience. The indie game scene has been rife with Roguelikes that look to replicate the success of games like Binding of Isaac and Darkest Dungeon. These games seek to make a campaign feel more like long runs,…

Shenmue I & II Review (PS4)

HEnmue, SHEnmue, WEnmue…   I have played neither of the Shenmue games.  The series has always been a personal fascination for me given the reverence I’ve seen for these games, and the immersive worlds they present to the player are very interesting. Full of anticipation and curiosity, I booted…

Bus Simulator 18 Review (PC)

All’s Fare in Love and Transport…     Simulating the mundane has been a long-standing tradition in video games. From the agricultural thrills of games like Farming Simulator to living the life of a Trucker (sans Lot Lizards) in Euro Truck Simulator to the esoteric umbrella of systems that…

Impressions on E3: Day 1 With EA Play

What a Season, What a Season     Happy E3!  It’s time for game announcements, surprises, and moments of cringe; and who better to deliver all three than Electronic Arts? EA Play kicked off the E3 press conference slate for this weekend and boy, do we have some stuff…

Golem Review (PC)

Shiny Orbs and Wireframe Golem tries to take what people loved about the simplicity of Monument Valley‘s puzzle solving and the visual splendor of games like Journey and ABZÛ, and mostly succeeds. But due to some unclear steps in puzzles and animation, it doesn’t really measure up. The player…

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