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News Editor that enjoys noisey sounds and electronics.

Batman: Arkham VR PC Release Date Announced

  Batman: Arkham VR no longer PS4 exclusive   It was announced today that the Dark Knight would be making his way to PC VR devices on April 25 with the Rocksteady developed Batman: Arkham VR. Players will be tasked with donning the Cowl and entering an immersive world…

Ark: Survival Evolved Receives Massive Patch

ARK: Survival Evolved receives massive patch of new features and improvements   The popular dinosaur-ridden survival title ARK: Survival Evolved received an update over the weekend in the form of patch v256. This patch comes packed with new features including underwater bases, breeding of sea creatures, TEK Teleporter Pads,…

Immortal Redneck Takes You Further South on April 25

  Well, you are still below the Mason-Dixon.   The Spanish indie developer, Crema, is nearing its April 25 release of Immortal Redneck, a rogue-lite FPS based in Egypt. The protagonist of this Egyptian shooter is a redneck who wanted nothing more than a nice, relaxing vacation in Egypt…

Blizzard Announces Starcraft: Remastered

Starcraft: Remastered Updates the Genre Defining Title     The powerhouse developer announced Starcraft: Remastered, featuring 4k resolution and more, will be released this summer with Brood War included. Though the game is receiving a modern polish and enhanced features, the classic gameplay that took the eSports world by…

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Released For Playstation 4 And PS Vita

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Bundles Two Classics       Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors(999) and its sequel Virtue’s Last Reward(VLR) have been released as one package known as Zero Escape: The Nonary Games. The premise of 999 is much darker and grim than most expect from…
lethal league

Lethal League Playstation 4 and Xbox One Release Date Announced

Lethal League Hits Consoles       Lethal League, the competitive projectile fighting game from the dutch developer Team Reptile, will see a release on consoles May 10, 2017. For those unfamiliar with the release, it is a 2d-fighter but the only way to damage your opponent is by hit…

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