Alex Lupella

Alex loves all sorts of gaming from the tabletop to tv screen. When he isn't playing games he helps produce content for a little software company. He currently resides in Chicago, IL with his girlfriend and two dogs.

Evil Dead: Hail to the King Review Retro Review (PS1)

Good…Bad…I’m the Guy With the Bad Game. Evil Dead: Hail to the King – what would possess you to play this?! The nostalgia gene has taken my body by storm and inspired my game-buying decisions lately. Most game critics would have you believe this is a bad thing, but…
Super Smash Bros Update

Super Smash Bros Review (3DS)

Prize Fighter – Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS Comes Out Swinging!     I remember the first advertisements for Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 64. There were my favorite Nintendo characters frolicking in a field while happy music played. Shortly after, the music cuts. Mario trips Yoshi and…
Super Smash Bros Update

Sheik and Zelda separate players in 3DS Smash Bros.

Who would win in a fight? Finally Smash Bros. settles if Princess Zelda can beat up herself. The Ice Climbers aren’t the only ones being held back by the 3DS. Smash Bros creator Mashiro Sakurai explained that due to hardware restrictions Zelda and Sheik would have to be rendered…

Buildanauts Pre Alpha Trailer Released

TouchTilt games has worked up a trailer for their construction simulator Buildanauts Buildanauts is an open-world construction simulator that focuses on exploration and design. The players build each town from the ground up using whatever materials at their disposal. Once built, it will be necessary to manage the town…

Canine Space Shooter Tiny’s Grand Adventure Soars Onto Steam Greenlight

Side-scrolling shooter Tiny’s Grand Adventure features dogs, lasers, and dapper headwear. Indie developer Candlelight studios has reached out to the gaming community in hopes to get their newest game, Tiny’s Grand Adventure, completed. The 2D side-scrolling shooter about a space dog has been posted to Steam Greenlight and Candlelight…

Fenix Rage Review (PC)

From Ashes Rise – Hang onto your controllers, aptly named platformer will have you raging, indeed   Platformers have seen quite the resurgence over the past few years. Games like I Wanna be the Guy, Spelunky,  Super Meat Boy, and even Trials have taken the genre in a direction…

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