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Mega Cat Studios and Skybound Reveal WrestleQuest Combat Trailer

Suplex Your Way to Victory!   One of my regrets from PAX West was that I wasn’t able to play all the interesting looking games on display. One such title was the delightfully insane mashup between professional wrestling and RPGs called WrestleQuest. Developed by Mega Cat Studios and slated…

Sunday Gold Review (PC)

Sunday Gold Review: Golden Brown or Golden Let-Down?   Picture the scene: London has become a nightmarish dystopia of poverty, crime and corruption where shady billionaires stash their dirty money and use it for diabolical schemes. Now that I’ve finished describing present-day London, let’s talk about Sunday Gold, set…

Soulstice Review (PS5)

Soulstice Review: I’m Souled On This     There was a time when it felt like character-driven action games were a dime a dozen, with previous generations kickstarting flagship series’ such as Devil May Cry and the earlier God of War titles. Along with the heavy hitters, action fans…
a taste of the past

A Taste of the Past Review (PC)

A Taste of the Past Review: An Emotional Journey through Food, Culture, and Love A Taste Of The Past is a storytelling, dialogue-based indie game about a young Chinese American high school student named Mei who has been navigating her grief of losing her mother. In this game, she…

Curse Crackers: For Whom The Belle Toils Review (PC)

Curse Crackers: For Whom The Belle Toils Review: Run and Jump In a Beautifully Retro World   People like to talk a lot of trash about Twitter, sometimes rightfully so. But if it weren’t for Twitter, I would have never discovered Colorgrave’s latest game, Curse Crackers: For Whom The…

Biomutant Review (PS5)

Biomutant Review: A Stellar Technical Upgrade   When Biomutant was released last year, it left its player base firmly divided. Some loved it for its scope, ambition, fantastic customization, and the beautiful wasteland it provided players with to explore, whilst others lambasted it for its underwhelming story, a structure…

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