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Bright Memory Infinite

Bright Memory: Infinite Review (PlayStation 5)

Bright Memory: Infinite Review – Shine On, You Crazy Diamond   Bright Memory: Infinite, a title handpicked by Microsoft to kick off a showcase for the Xbox Series X back in May 2020, is finally here. Playing the finished product, it’s easy to see why it was chosen to lead…

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Booster Course Pack – Wave 2 Review (Switch)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Booster Course Pack – Wave 2 Review – A Major Boost Nintendo’s move to release 48 new tracks for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe five years after the rerelease of their eight-year-old game launched on the Switch is still weird, but now that we’re a bit…

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms Review (Switch)

River City Saga Review: Three Kingdoms Review – A Unique Take The River City, or Kunio-Kun as it is known in Japan, series has been finding ways to put a fresh twist on the same set of characters for nearly four decades. This series has seen games where the…

Frenetic FPS POST VOID Blasts Way to Late September Release

Get Original This September   Good news for fans of indies today. Super Rare Originals just announced a release date for their upcoming FPS POST VOID. It’s now releasing on September 29th on Switch, PS4 and PS5! Below is what Super Rare had to say about the frenetic adventure:…

Quintus and the Absent Truth Review (PS5)

Quintus and the Absent Truth Review: A Not So Mighty Mouse   Sometimes a bedtime story just needs a little something extra to keep the kiddo interested. Well, horror’s a good place to start, right? Of course, most parents reading horror stories to their kiddos probably end up with…

GigaBash Smashes Way to PC and Sony Consoles Today

Go Get Bashing!   Well guys and gals, today is a particularly exciting day for me. I’ve been helping cover GigaBash for quite some time now, and today the game is finally playable! It has arrived on PC (via Steam and Epic) as well as the PS4 and PS5…

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