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NOEL The Mortal Fate

NOEL The Mortal Fate Review (Switch)

NOEL The Mortal Fate Review: Deal with the Devil All Noel wanted was to win her city’s esteemed piano competition — after all, she hails from a long line of extremely talented concert pianists, so as far as anyone could tell, first place was all but assured… …until a…
south of the circle

South of the Circle Review (Switch)

South of the Circle Review: Cold and Daring There’s a popular mantra repeated by Mt. Everest climbers: summitting is optional, return is mandatory. The bitter cold, extreme altitude, and general exhaustion can easily overwhelm any hopeful summiteers, who — if they’re too eager — can quickly make a grave…

Nintendo Lifts The Lid On Splatoon 3 In New Direct

Fresher Than Ever Our friends at the Squid Research Lab are back today with some new findings on our Inkling and Octoling friends as we get ready for the launch of Splatoon 3, set to launch on Nintendo Switch September 9th. Taking place in Splatsville, a town in the…
landfall credits

How to Earn Credits in TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall

How to get credits in Landfall The long-awaited prequel to TerraGenesis is finally here: TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall. The second game developed by Edgeworks Entertainment with publishing being handled by Tilting Point, Landfall is an idle city-building survival simulator akin to Frostpunk and Surviving Mars. Available on Android and iOS, Landfall has…

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle Gets Legendary Today

Card Games Just Got Legendary on Switch   If you’re a fan of digital card games with tons of complexity, you’re in luck today. XSEED had previously released Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle on Switch back in 2021. I personally had a ton of fun reviewing it, and despite some small…

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake Title 1 Update to Break Ground Tomorrow on Switch, PC

Sharpen up those weapons, hunters!     It’s no stretch to say that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has given players plenty of content to enjoy so far, but I’m sure that we can all agree that even more content would be better, right? Fortunately, it seems that Capcom also agrees with…

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