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SENSEs: Midnight Review (PC)

SENSEs: Midnight Review: Better Left Ghosted   When the wild amalgamation of cyberpunk, ghosts, and Japanese inspiration was presented to me in the form of SENSEs: Midnight, I was optimistic that many promising themes were coming together for some high-tech ghost-hunting missions in my favorite kind of locale. What…

SUNSOFT Reveals Upcoming Titles at Virtual Event

A Classic Company Returns   The other day, classic video game company SUNSOFT had a virtual event. It wasn’t just to revel in nostalgia, either, but instead it showcased 3 titles from the company’s library that are getting remade in the modern era for consoles and PC. If you…

Super Rare Games Gets Lost in Nature with A Short Hike

A Hop, Skip and a Hike   You never know what to expect from the folks at Super Rare Games, other than an unflinching dedication to publishing compelling indie visions. Next week they’re giving another indie darling the SRG treatment, and bringing physical editions to the Nintendo Switch. That…

Embrace Retro Horror with The Fridge Is Red in September

Several Stories of Horror Coming in September   I’ve always been a fan of horror games. Even though they utterly terrify me and make my heart beat like crazy, I’m still inexplicably drawn to them. Most especially horror games that ape classic systems. Some of my best horror memories…

JoyMasher’s Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider Joins The Arcade Crew

Bless The Moon   Days like today, I truly wish that Konami would just hire the talented folks at JoyMasher full time. They have rekindled the things that made the Contra games so amazing, and even managed to bring modern conveniences to the fray. Recently they’re behind the amazing…

Bitwave Joins Freemode To Bring Toaplan and Sunsoft Games West

Past Meets Present in This Exciting Collaboration   Exciting news from the group formerly known as Retroid Interactive, and which is now called Bitwave Games. The Sweden based team has joined forces with Freemode. Their goal? To bring classic Japanese titles to us all, on PC and various consoles.…

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