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The Hundred Year Kingdom Review (Switch)

The Hundred Year Kingdom Review: a century with a domestic goddess Call me boring, but I love a nice, calm, peaceful city-builder. I don’t want any conflict, I don’t want any random events, I don’t want any chaos — none of that. Just me and a nice patch of…
kirby and the forgotten land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Demo Is Charming And Shares New Tricks

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Demo Will Put a Smile On Your Faces   These days, I see a lot of the industry shifting focus towards producing more hardcore games. And that’s fine, sometimes those are absolutely amazing. But other times, I’m thankful for series like Kirby. After all,…

SRG Brings the Horror With Sally Face This March

Put On a Happy Face   I’ve seen a lot of intriguing titles published by Super Rare Games (SRG for short), but few quite like Sally Face. It was originally released about a year ago by publisher Portable Moose. It’s the twisted tale of a boy with a prosthetic…

Batwoman Season 3: We Having Fun Yet? Review

Batwoman Season 3: We Having Fun Yet? Review: An Epic and Explosive Conclusion to Season 3   Well folks, the season finale for Batwoman S3, We Having Fun Yet?, is finally here. And it really delivered, earning my highest possible score. It brings together all the disparate threads from…
HPP Download | Variant 3

Nintendo Download for 3/3/22

What Does March Have In Store?   Well guys, somehow it’s March already. And it feels like we’ve lived through a few months in the past few days. So it’s time for the welcome distraction of the Nintendo Download for 3/3/22! This one has 3 very different featured titles,…

Become a Furry Spacefaring Mechanic in FixFox, a Story Rich Sci-Fi Puzzler

Can we fix it? FixFox can! A long, long time ago… in a galaxy far, far away… you decided to eat some pudding. Not just any pudding, of course, but a delicious-looking pudding that was locked behind a broken fridge (which you managed to deftly repair). Sure, it’s 2…

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