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Dawn of the Monsters Review (Switch)

Dawn of the Monsters Review: They Did the Monster Mash!   After playing through Dawn of the Monsters, one thing is abundantly clear – 13AM Games knows the kaiju genre. Not only that, but they put their hearts and souls into this game about beating the living crap out…

Gran Turismo 7 Review (PS5)

Gran Turismo 7 Review: Racing Ahead The makers of Gran Turismo 7 really love cars. I know that should go without saying, considering how much time and energy they put into making this crazy simulation series, but man, they love cars more than most people love anything. That love…

Ghostwire: Tokyo Creates An Atmosphere Of Fear

Only Mostly Scary Atmosphere is one of the hardest things to nail in a game. Far too often, a tone that is supposed to feel creepy is more funny, or something which should be sad doesn’t quite land. As I crept through an abandoned hospital in the opening hour…

Here’s What All Was Revealed at Warframe’s 160th Devstream

9 Years of Warframe and 160 Devstreams Later Greetings, Tenno. The Devstream for March 11th has come to a close, and we have quite a few things to go over, from the latest Prime unveiling to new game types and weapons!   The Local Blood Queen Gets Buffed and…

Waifu Discovered 2 Getting Physical Edition in Europe

Your Waifu Just Became 3D   One of the most entertaining Shmups I’ve played in recent history, Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy, is getting even better. Courtesy of Funbox Media Ltd., who physically distributed Waifu Uncovered before this, Waifu Discovered 2 is getting a physical release in Europe for…

Outward Coming To PS5, Xbox Series X/S And PC In May With Plenty Of New Features

The Definitive Edition Of Outward Will Include Both DLC Expansions Prime Matter’s open-world RPG Outward is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC in May with new features and quality of life updates Outward: Definitive Edition will give players another opportunity to explore Aurai and take on new…

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