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Defend the Rook Review (Switch)

Defend the Rook Review: A Solid Foundation in Need of More Bolstering     One thing that I’ve always found particularly cool about video games is just how much potential there is to mix and match genres. From sims to racing games to platformers and beyond, the possibilities aren’t…

Celebrate 35 Years of Run ‘n’ Gun with Physical Contra Anniversary Collection

The Time to Blast Away Alien Scum is Nearly Here   As someone that grew up when Contra was one of the most iconic and hardcore game series out there, I’m especially happy to share this news today. Limited Run Games, in collaboration with Konami, have announced a physical…

Playdate Consoles Begin Shipping Today

Almost Time For Our First Date It’s been a long road to the release of the Playdate. Originally announced back in 2019, the pandemic seemed to slow its momentum. Still, it was set to release last fall until battery issues pushed it into 2022. Finally though, the system is…
The Cruel King and the Great Hero

The Cruel King and the Great Hero Review (PS4)

The Cruel King and the Great Hero Review: A Tear-jerking Tale of Wholesome Heroics “Dad, tell me a bedtime story!” A sleepy-eyed Yuu was curled up cozily against her dad, the soft straw acting as both bed and blanket pulled up to her chin. The Dragon King chuckled to…

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Has Made Tamriel More Exciting than Ever

Who Says Politics Aren’t Exciting?     The Elder Scrolls Online has been going strong for a little over eight years now thanks to its unique take on the MMORPG genre which, quite impressively, combines typical MMO mechanics and fanfare with the first-person, single-player, dungeon-crawling action that you’ve come…
HPP Download Variant 1

Nintendo Download for 4/14/22

This is Spring, Right?   I know it’s supposed to be Spring, but the weather has been more than a little psychotic. It can’t seem to decide if it’s Winter or not, and the days are either blisteringly hot or freezingly cold. So let’s try and get in the…

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