Yearly Archives: 2022

Turbo Overkill Blasts its way to Early Access Today

Past Meets Dirty Cyberpunk Future   Normally I’d be the last person to cover a FPS game. Mostly because I find the super realistic FPS genre boring at best. But I still have a soft spot for the insane sci-fi and fantasy FPS games I grew up with. Games…

Lila’s Sky Ark Review (Switch)

Lila’s Sky Ark review: A Wild Ride Through a Drug-Induced Fever Dream   As someone who hasn’t done much recreational mind expansion, I’m not really sure what it feels like to drop acid. But after playing Lila’s Sky Ark, I feel like the people that developed it might have…

Two Point Campus Video Reveals Wizardry Course

Get Ready to Manage a School Full of Wizards   If you like management games but want a little more spice, you’re in luck today with Two Point Campus. They just revealed a new Wizardry Course in a video. It brings a lot of Harry Potter energy to the…

Company of Heroes 3 Diary Reveals Dedication to Authentic Artistry

Check Out Key Details for Company of Heroes 3   Today SEGA and Relic Entertainment shared some new information about their upcoming game, Company of Heroes 3. It’s slated to come to PC in 2022, and it brings with it many of the elements fans most appreciate. A big…
Ayo the Clown

Ayo The Clown Review (PS5)

Ayo The Clown Review: Clowning Around   I’m a sucker for a 2D platformer. They’re the ultimate form of gaming comfort food, which, when done right, take me back to a simpler time in gaming where the only goal was to make it to the end of a level…

Sokobos Review (PC)

Sokobos Review: all Greek to me! You gotta hand it to the Greek gods — they sure had a flair for the dramatic! Whether it was turning people into animals because they did the nasty with them, turning people into animals because they didn’t do the nasty with them……

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