Leaks for The Wanderer, Faruzan, and More Surface for Genshin Impact

Flowing Like The Wind

Greetings, travelers. Today we’re taking a look at another round of Genshin Impact leaks, this time focused on plenty of goodies from the 3.3 patch, focusing strongly on the upcoming characters Faruzan and The Wanderer (or Scaramouche as most of us know him as). As always, everything you see here is subject to change, so take anything here with a grain of salt. Also, I typically always try to include links, but sometimes things get axed from Twitter, so I typically try to keep links primarily to Reddit, since posts are less likely to vanish from there.

Let’s dig in here by taking a look at the new characters. Both The Wanderer and Faruzan are featured in the video below.

Wanderer and Faruzan Showcase from Genshin_Impact_Leaks

We’ll start with The Wanderer, who’s slated to be a 5-Star Anemo Catalyst user. As you can see from the gameplay, he’s got some pretty wild tricks here. Something his E-Skill does causes him to not only float in the air, but it seems to have its own independent stamina bar. The current information I’ve seen from some other leaks calls this the Windfavored state, and seems heavily designed around making for quick traversal and buffing normal and charged attack damage.

As for Faruzan, who’s set up to be a 4-Star Anemo Bow user, she has some very Primal Construct-like abilities, bringing to mind the automatons in the desert area of Sumeru. Her Elemental Burst creates a Dazzling Polyhedron that travels on a triangular path, releasing bursts of Anemo damage called a Whirlwind Pulse. While her kit feels a bit by-the-books, she still seems interesting as a potential support/sub-DPS character.

@DevilTakoyaki also brings us the Ascension materials we’ll be needing for these new characters. You can find the Reddit post for that here.

Next up, lets take a look at the newest 5-Star Catalyst called Alaya coming out that looks to be meant for The Wanderer, shown here by @GI_Front (originally found on this Reddit post). While I haven’t seen much in the way of info on what it’ll have for damage or ability, it certainly has an interesting appearance, reminding me of a hand-bell.

We also have the 4-Star Sword called Kasabouzu, and those a little familiar with Japanese yokai probably recognize this one. This umbrella-like saber is based on the Kasa-obake, a sort of living umbrella that belongs to a subcategory of yokai called tsukomogami that are pretty much spirits of everyday objects that gain sentience after 100 years or so. I’m guessing that this will be like the fish weapons we get as jokes, but I can definitely appreciate this little joke weapon, and kinda look forward to seeing what abilities and stats it’ll have seeing that some of the joke weapons really weren’t awful.

Lastly, we have some new artifact sets! From what I’ve found, I believe the bottom set is called Flower of Paradise Lost and the top is Desert Pavilion Chronicle, this image appearing in this Reddit post.

There’s also a Reddit post here showing a message from the GI Discord that details the set effects.

Last but not least, while this is a tad random, we have some leaked images via @GI_Front of the Cat’s Tail Tavern! No idea why we’re all of a sudden getting that, but neat! My guess is it’ll be for a later event, hopefully as a reprise to the Of Drinks A-Dreamin’ event.

That’s all for now, folks! Excited for the new characters? Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to stay tuned for more of the latest Genshin Impact news and guides!

Cory Clark
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