How to get the Administrator’s Key in Signalis

How To Get the Administrator’s Key in Signalis

Greetings and welcome to another guide for Signalis, where today we’ll go over how to get the Administrator’s Key.

To start this guide off, you’ll need to be on the AEON Facilities floor and have done the Owl Container puzzle to get going on this, so if you haven’t done that already, here’s the guide to doing that.

Starting from getting the Hummingbird Key from the Owl Container, you’ll head over to the East Hallway of the AEON Facility floor. There’s a room attached to the East Hallway, indicated by the yellow door, that you can use the Hummingbird Key on.

Head inside, then grab the Eagle Key off the desk.

You’ll be taking this for later. While you’re here, and with the flashlight in hand, go into the room to the right. It’ll be dark, and you’ll have a special kind of enemy in here that makes clones of itself and makes a lot of noise at you. You can either take this out by shooting randomly at the different clones until you get the right one, or you can tune your transmitter to the frequency that pops up on the screen, revealing which one to attack. Handle him, then grab the Postbox Key over on the right side of the room.

You’ll need to head up to B6, where the post office boxes are.

This will net you the Library Key, which you will need. Head to the Library, shown below on the map.

Now, when you’re in here, over at the back will be a sort of crane game-esque puzzle you’ll need to do. It’s fairly simple, but you can see a general path to follow. The order of the buttons to press here are as follows: Right – Up – Left – Up – Left – Down – Left – Down – Right – Down – Right – Down – Right – Up -Right – Up.

Get the book you need and open it up to get an astrolabe. You’ll need this in just a moment. For right now, head to the ADLR Study to use the Eagle Key.

In the back of the room is a safe where you’ll be setting the astrolabe.

Now, the solution for this is a bit strange. It actually requires you to have been to the Star Room, where there’s a little diorama of the current galaxy, showing where all the planets are. The solution to the astrolabe is in the position of these planets. You need to capture a screenshot (either with the eyeball tool in-game or with something like your phone’s camera like I did) with the planet with the white star completely north, as pictured below.

This will correspond with the astrolabe’s positioning, as shown below here.

With the planets lined up as needed, you can now open the safe and get the Administrator’s Key. That’s all for this guide, but stay tuned for more of the latest Signalis news and guides!

Cory Clark
With a passion for all things musical, a taste for anti-gravity racing, and a love for all things gacha, Cory is a joyful and friendly gamer soaking up any little gem to come to his little Midwestern cornfield. An avid collector of limited editions with an arsenal of imported gaming trinkets he's absorbed into his wardrobe, he's usually always near his trusty gaming rig if he's not on his PS4 or Xbox One. And when he's not gaming, he's watching anime off his big screen with his lap lion Stella purring away.

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