My Sticker Book Review (PC)

My Sticker Book Review: facing childhood fears through the power of cute stickers!

my sticker book

My Sticker Book is a free indie game available on Steam that features a little girl who is sleeping on her own for the first time. She wakes up in the middle of the night when it is still dark and she wants to drink some water. But she is afraid of the monsters that might be roaming around in the house. Despite her fear, she is determined to do this on her own!

To look for instruction, she reads the “Fairy Tale Sticker Book”. The guardian angel in the book tells her that “the monster was afraid of the light!” So she goes through this journey on her own, along with her sticker book. Let’s begin her first step of independence as a child!

my sticker book

As a player, you need to move the stickers to the right places in order for the little girl to be able to get through the path. There are 3 rounds of this, as each round gets a little more challenging than the previous one. Each round comes with a visual hint of instruction. The first round is “Fear”, in which you need to move the lamp to the place that it is visually instructed to be placed in. Remember, this little monster is afraid of the light. Putting the lamp in the correct place would light up the room, which would make the monster go away and that allows you to go to the next room.

The second round is “Longing”, in which you need to free the bird but also to avoid getting hurt by the cage in the process. The freed bird would leave behind a feather that would make the monster go away, then you can go to the next room. The third round is “Message”, which requires you to unlock the music in order to make the mermaid spirit stop crying in the bathtub and drowning the place with her tears. After you accomplish this, the mermaid spirit disappears. You can now go to the next room. Finally in this room, you can pour the water to the cup and drink the water you’ve been wanting to drink!

my sticker book

This is a simple easy game that only takes 10 minutes to complete. So if you are busy with your schedule but want to play a game during a lunch break or something, this game fits the need. Or better yet, play it at night before you go to sleep in bed for the mood (no worries, this is the least scary game there is for a horror game)!

My Sticker Book reminds me of my childhood imagination of monsters when I started to sleep on my own as a child for the first time. As I imagined the monsters were hiding underneath the bed, I would also imagine my teddy bears as my friends who would protect me from them. That was my way of coping with the fear of the dark, and My Sticker Book is a wonderful reminder of that childlike imagination.

Despite the supposed horror theme, My Sticker Book has such an adorable, cute drawing style as well as the music background that sounds like the nostalgic tones from a toy music box. From art to music, My Sticker Book really reminds me of that feeling of childhood innocence. Fans of Gloomy Bear’s cute and creepy aesthetic would certainly appreciate the art style in this game too. Play My Sticker Book and get in touch with your inner child!

Final Verdict: 3.5/5

Available on: PC (reviewed); Publisher: ElementSu; Developer: ElementSu; Players: 1; Released: August 24, 2022; MSRP: Free

Editor’s note: This review is based on a digital copy of My Sticker Book available as a free download.

Samantha Ng
My favorite games since childhood are Super Mario and Resident Evil. Two completely different types of games, I know, but I enjoy both just as much. After years of absence from the gaming world due to many years of strict academic life, I have returned to it with the same amount of joy. After all, I have always appreciated the art of video games from the visual to the music. Nowadays, my heart leans toward story focused, dialogue based type of games. Expect to read honest review articles from me on those types of games!

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