She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Season 1: Just Jen Review

Sometimes Just Jen Is Enough

Just Jen

Going to a wedding when you’re single can be really awkward. A celebration of love isn’t always easy when you don’t have a love of your own, particularly if you really want one. Yet when Jennifer Walters goes to the wedding of her old high school friend Lulu in “Just Jen,” she’s feeling pretty good about herself. She has a great new job, and she’s a freaking superhero. What more could she need?

Well, according to everyone else at the wedding, a man. Which, sure, would be great, Jennifer herself has made it clear that’s something she wants. The problem, though, comes when everyone wants to dismiss all the great things that are going on in her life because there’s one thing that isn’t going as well. It also doesn’t help that Lulu doesn’t want She-Hulk anywhere near her wedding, much preferring her old friend Jennifer. Her fears of being outshone by the huge green lady aren’t completely unfounded, but they don’t help Jen’s confidence, which she’s increasingly starting to find in her new alter ego.

That may be my favorite part of Just Jen, a standalone episode that doesn’t give into the cries to get to the cameos or to connect everything from certain fans. One hint in particular last week at something being on the way may have convinced some that the appearance of a fan favorite was imminent, but I love that instead of going straight there, we got this week’s episode which gives so many members of the show’s regular cast a chance to shine. None do so more than Jennifer, who has gone from hating being She-Hulk to now, at least at times, preferring to be her. It’s an evolution that fans of the comics will be familiar with and one that I’ve hoped from the start of this show we’d get to see.

While a certain man who doesn’t feel any fear isn’t here yet, another comic character does show up, and he’s terrified. Mr. Immortal is a pretty deep cut, but while the version we see here isn’t the comic leader of the Great Lakes Avengers, he does share his inability to die. That sounds great, but it becomes a problem when you’re both in love with love, but also desperately afraid of confrontation. Knowing he’ll be stuck in any marriage until the end of at least his partner’s life since he isn’t going anywhere, but also unable to actually confront his spouses about wanting to end things, he’s fallen into a pattern of faking his own death whenever a relationship has run its course. He’s done this eight times now, but a recent viral video has left him caught by his former spouses, who want to be made whole from their relationships.

With Jen away, Mallory and Nikki take the lead on this case, and it’s a chance for Nikki, in particular, to shine, showing a natural talent for finding solutions and managing personalities. Mr. Immortal may not change his ways, but Nikki shows real potential for growth in solving his immediate issues in a way that leaves everyone satisfied.

Jen gets a chance to grow a bit this week too, and she does it as Jennifer Walters. She may have preferred to be She-Hulk at this wedding, but meeting up with someone who seems to genuinely like her and not She-Hulk gives her back a bit of her own confidence. She can embrace her new powers and what they can do for her without having to abandon the person she already was. I hope this is where things are actually going because it’s a healthier attitude than Jen has often had at times over the years in her comics and probably makes the most sense for a TV show where budget reasons alone will keep her from being She-Hulk the entire time.

While not quite as funny as last week’s episode, Just Jen is my favorite episode of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law so far. It has a confidence in its storytelling which the series hasn’t always maintained, and manages to give multiple characters a chance to shine. It’s still funny, too, with some of the people who show up at Lulu’s wedding really stealing the show. The cameo fans want will be here soon enough, but I can wait if it means these characters get to continue growing in such interesting ways.


Final Verdict: 4.5/5

Andrew Thornton
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