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Picture Perfect

Greetings Travelers! Today we’ll be looking at a little extra treasure hunting you can do by following some crude drawings left in the mailbox of an Aranara. To start on this little sidequest, you’ll need to have made it to Vanarana via Act 2’s first quest called The World of the Aranara, which is part of the Aranyaka questline. You can get started on that with our guide here.

Picture 1

The first picture is really simple, as it’s the primer to doing these hunts. Just go right next to the Statue of the Seven in Vanarana, it’ll be just to the side of it. Remember to check your Aranyaka gadget book in your inventory if you need a reminder of what you’re looking for.

Picture 2

The second picture is pointing toward the south of Apam Woods. There’s a small, vine-strangled island connecting to the larger island nearby.

Picture 3

The third picture is pointing to a log in The Rain’s End area, only accessible by completing the Varuna Gatha questline, which you can see here. Teleport to the point closest to the domain called The Coordinates of Sun and Rain. You’ll be very close already. Go to the log to the left, then your prompt will be inside.

Picture 4

The fourth picture is just east of The Palace of Alcazarzaray. Do note that when you do this one, you’ll be automatically prompted into investigating into a side quest called Courage is in the Heart.

Picture 5

The fifth picture can be found in a cave just a small bit north of the Statue of the Seven near Gandharva Ville. Do note that you will need to have at least started the Agnihotra Sutra questline to get here, which you can find a guide for here.

Once inside the cave, you’ll head to the island with the house on it, then go under it. It’ll be near a mushroom on the ground.

Picture 6

The sixth picture is right out in the open over in Mawtiyima Forest, a little south of the Domain there.

Picture 7

The seventh picture will require having done the Vimana Agama quest at least up until you visit the secret hideout with Royinjan. If you’ve done it but forgot how to get there, it’s just southeast of Vimara Village.

Picture 8

The eighth picture will require having most of the Vimana Agama quest done, at the very least, up until the cave entrance for this is smashed open by the Ruin Golem. When you first come to this cave during the quest, there’s a Teleport Point right near the entrance.

Pictures 9 and 10

The ninth picture here has a bit of setup to it! First of all, you’ll need to have at least done The Rhythm of the Beastly Trail up to the point of getting that quest’s song for the Lyre that lets you use Claustroflowers. Next, you’ll need to have gotten a Shriveled Seed from a secret cave down in The Chasm. You can see the entrance in the picture below, that grey spot just above Yanfei.

Follow this cave to a little grotto where there are some Elemental Totems that have seals on them.

Use your Elemental Vision to spot three little green leaves that will undo these seals. In case you haven’t seen it yet, this is actually the same place depicted in the 10th picture in the Arayaka book.

Grab the seed from the chest and now head to this cave.

And into this wall here.

Something very important to keep in mind here is that if you don’t get any new dialogue or see anything in this corner, wait for the daily reset. Then you should be able to find a Claustroflower you can use the Lyre with.

Now you’ll be in a whole room of chests! You won’t be able to open all of them just yet, but this is the solution to pictures nine and ten.

That’s all for this guide, but be sure to stay tuned for more of the latest Genshin Impact news and guides!

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