Genshin Impact: Aranyaka Questline – Act 2

Time for A Music Lesson!

Greetings Travelers! Today we’ll be taking a look at the ins and outs of the second act of the Aranyaka Questline for Genshin Impact’s Sumeru region. Last we left off at Act 1, Rana was being kept safe and sound in a Dendro bubble while we met up with little mushroom people called the Aranara. There’s a bit more to this Act, and we’ll be going over a few new mechanics, so let’s get to it!

To obtain the Bija needed to help Rana, you’ll need to head to Vanarana, except you’re gonna need something that can carry a tune because the only way into Vanarana is with a song. You’ll be advised to head over to Vimara Village to talk to Grandpa Amadhiah and see if he has anything. After talking with him, you’ll receive a Vintage Lyre.

You’ll want to keep this equipped most of the time you’re doing this questline, and even when just exploring Sumeru in general, as a lot of the mechanics in the rainforest rely on using this Lyre. If you’re ever unsure if you can use it, look at the icon when you have it equipped. You’ll see green notes coming out of it when you can play it for something. Once you get this Lyre, you’ll be prompted to follow some more of the green traces, except these will lead you down the river. Grab your Waverider and head downriver, following the green traces.


Eventually, you’ll wander into the middle of the yellow circle on your map and be guided to a large, wooden archway.

There, you’ll go through a small cutscene, then be taught about Phantasmal Gates. Pull out the Lyre, then play the song as highlighted in green outlines on the notes.

Put simply, once you play the corresponding song at these arches, you’ll start a little minigame. You’ll gather up Phantasmal Seeds, as shown below. When you first start the challenge, you can see where the seeds emit a skyward-shining ray of light.

You’ll need to do this while avoiding getting hit by enemies. If you get hit by enemies, your time allotment for doing this challenge will go down. If you need to catch a breather after getting spotted by a few too many baddies, hide out in one of these Strange Flowers.

If you’re finding no issue hiding from baddies, but need a hand finding the seeds, you can charge the flowers with Electro to mark the remaining seeds on the map. However, do note that doing so will shut down the hiding effect the flower carries.

The key here is not getting hit by the enemies. You can absolutely run right by them and continue about your merry way getting seeds. Since this first challenge introduces you to the mechanics, it’s fairly straightforward, but here’s the route that I took.

Go past the gate and follow the path until you hit the fork in the road, where you’ll go left.


Get up to this hill, then, over it, there’ll be a Strange Flower and a Four-Leaf Sigil not far to the right of it.

Go to the Sigil, and then there’ll be another on a rock nearby.

Head to that one, and then there’ll be one more to your left. Be careful with that one. There’s an enemy hiding in the middle of the plant.

Jump down from there, and you can continue following the path of seeds, dodging the enemies along the way.

Once you’re at the Phantasmal Gate again, offer up the seeds and claim your reward of a Precious Chest. Now onto the meat of the act again, so follow the strange traces once more. Finally, you’ll head up a hill to a little stone statue where you can play the Lyre again.

Play your tune again, and you’ll be whisked away to the real Varanara, a land of dreams for the Aranara. The little critters are still a bit wary of the “Nara” that suddenly appeared in their land, so you get the pleasure of helping out a few of these Aranara to establish that you come in peace. There are three places to head to. Just head to the circles, and you’ll be guided through the rest. There are two instances of taking out some Fungi, and one will have you clearing the rocks out of the entrance to somebody’s house. Your last challenge is to take out three Pyro Whopperflowers. With those out of the way, you can head back to the little stone statue you played your Lyre at earlier. Once you’re back amongst the land of the Anarana, you’ll want to head to the Ajraa

From here, there’s a lot going on heading forward with getting this Bija Fruit, which entails the Utsuva Festival that alone has a lot of setup. To make things easier for the players, we’ll be making these next few pieces into subsections. If you ever get lost, check on the Aranyaka book that you will be given after chatting with Araja.

You’ll have three main subquests to do for this, which are listed below:


Then, there are some side quests chains that need to be done, listed below.


I know it’s a LOT to do, but that’s why the guide’s here. Once you get done with all of those side quests, you’ll have the next quest in Act 2 to do.

For A Better Reunion

So what arduous task is presented for this part? Well, you just have to go enjoy the Utsuva Festival! Go have a quick chat over by where Rana is with Arama and Arana. Once you’re done with that, head back to Vanarana to enjoy the festival. Everyone’s pretty easy to find here; just keep an eye on the minimap, and check the names of those you’re talking to to refer to the guide below in case they have some extra stipulations before you can get their flowers.

Araja – Brown elder Aranara, he’ll just give you his flower.

Arapacati – Talk to Arapacati, and he’ll have you help his brothers with cooking the feast. Not much that you’ll need to do besides getting one of them some water from nearby. You will need to have the stuff to make some Radish Veggie Soup.

Aralila – Will want to play hide and seek with you and Aranishat. You can find Aralila in the first picture below, and Aranishat in the picture after that (break the circled crate).

Araesha – Will have a little quiz for you where you will need to give him various items in response to a riddle. You’ll need to give him, in order, an apple, a Viparyas, and a Starshroom.

Arapandu – Will also just give you his flower.

Aranaga – Will just give you his flower.

Arakanta – Will make a trail of Dendro particles you’ll need to gather. Keep to the cliff wall, and you’ll get all ten without issue.

??? – A mystery Aranara that’s hanging out way above in one of the enormous clovers. All you have to do is find him and talk to him.

Lastly, you’ll go talk to Arakavi to participate in a little concert. After that, you’ll want to head over to Araja and Arama and go through some dialogue with them. Then, you’ll have one last chat with Arama over at Araja’s home.

That’s the last of Act 2! You can find links to the other Acts below:


That’s it for this guide, but as always, stay tuned for more of the latest Genshin Impact news and guides!

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