Genshin Impact: The Rhythm That Nurtures the Sprout Quest Guide

Growing Pains

Greetings, travelers! We’re continuing on here with the sidequests needed to finish up Act 2 of the Aranyaki Questline. As you might expect, you’ll need to have started Act 2 of the Aranyaka Questline in order to start this quest. On the course for Concourses, you’ll be following the guidance of Arama to find the Vasara Trees in Ashvattha’s Concourses. This time around, you’ll be talking with Arama and Arasudraka.

As with the other Rhythm quests for Act 2, your first task will be a viewpoint puzzle where you need to align in your view five flowers of varying heights. You’ll be able to see the proper viewpoint below.

Once they’re lined up, you can play a new song on your Lyre.

This one is used for summoning Health Dendrograna, which are used in a similar fashion to normal Dendrograna. So if you see a little hollowed-out tree section on the ground with notes coming out of it, you can summon the Healthy Dendrograna at it.

From here, you’ll be guided by some green traces toward your next destination. Heading down into the cave, you’ll have a Withering Zone to take care of, and this will be in a slightly different fashion than you’re used to. You’ll be taking your Waverider through an underground canal. Don’t worry, handling the Withering Zone here really doesn’t have any extra gimmicks, just get some Healthy Dendrograna and potshot the Withering Branches before taking out the Tumor of the Withering.

Once the Withering Zone is cleared, time to head into the dream world! It’s advised that you take a character with a bow along for the ride. The Vasara Tree’s dream is fairly simple. You’ll start off with a closed door and the mechanism to open it blocked by a bubble shield. You’ll need to kill some fungi to unlock the mechanism and open the door.

Next, you’ll have some Dendrograna and a Crest to shoot at. You’ll need to hit that Crest, one more after that, then one atop the bubble shield. That one will then split into three more to shoot at with Dendrograna.

Once the shield’s down, step on the platform, it was covering, and you’ll be ushered into a large room where a fight with lots of Fungi. While there are quite a few enemies to dispatch, it’s ultimately nothing you likely haven’t seen before in Sumeru. And that’s that, once you get done with the fight, you’ll get your Vasoma Fruit and be ready for the next quest! You can see the other quests needed for Act 2 of the Aranyaka questline down below.

If you want to check out the other Acts overall, you can check those below:

As always, stay tuned for more of the latest Genshin Impact news and guides!

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