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arcade paradise

Arcade Paradise Review (PC)

Arcade Paradise Review: lather, rinse, repeat Up and at ’em, Ashley! It’s your first day on the job at your new laundrette, and you don’t want to be late (even though you’ve probably stayed up all night playing games and listening to grunge). You know the deal, Dad wants…

Lord Over All The Land In The Tenants

The Tenants will live in your head rent-free Landlords, amirite? We’ve heard all the horror stories about terrible landlords doing things like painting over cockroaches, jacking up rent on dinky places, and ignoring much-needed repair requests. It’s really a shame that these bad apples are ruining an entire bunch of…

The Case Of The Golden Idol Took Me Back To My Childhood In The Best Way Possible

Solve The Case I went into The Case of the Golden Idol unsure what to expect. I enjoy a good adventure game as much as anyone, and a good mystery can pull me into a game like little else, but I found the art style somewhat off-putting, and this isn’t…
Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb Review (PS5)

Cult of the Lamb Review: Sinfully Sublime     It’s kind of hard to believe that the Satanic Panic was actually a thing at this point. I mean, it was, what, only like 40 years ago or so that we had people worried that the youth of that time…

Gamescom 2022: Dead Island 2 Hands-on Preview

Pulsating Combat; Punctuated By Over-The-Top Violence   It’s been a minute since Dead Island 2 got announced. In fact, it’s been eight years, three developers, and a pandemic of our own before the action-RPG shambled its way into public view. But has it been worth the wait? Based on…

Get Lost in Atmospheric Metroidvania Worldless in 2023

A Beautiful Abstract World   I don’t always agree with the opinions of IGN. But when they grouped Worldless under the banner of Awesome Indies, they were 100% accurate. Developed by Noname Studios in conjunction with Coatsink and Thunderful, Worldless is a stunning-looking Metroidvania coming to PC and Xbox…

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