How to Earn Credits in TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall

How to get credits in Landfall

landfall credits

The long-awaited prequel to TerraGenesis is finally here: TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall. The second game developed by Edgeworks Entertainment with publishing being handled by Tilting Point, Landfall is an idle city-building survival simulator akin to Frostpunk and Surviving Mars. Available on Android and iOS, Landfall has already over 100,000+ installs on launch day with generally favorable reviews.

When playing Landfall, one of the first priorities (after setting up your base, of course) is getting money — called credits — which is imperative to be able to grow your city. But it’s not immediately clear how to earn that upfront, as most facilities in the tutorial are all about creating oxygen, food, and other necessities lower down on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. What’s a star settler to do?

Struggling to earn some cold, hard cash in Landfall? Don’t worry, it’s quite simple — we got you covered with these three easy ways!

1. Commercial Research

Landfall Credits

There are three major ways to get credits: through commercial research, rover missions, and through export hub contracts. To earn credits through commercial research, simply go to the laboratory, then tap “Commercial” to take a look at the techs available. There are currently 16 commercial techs available — 4 that you can research once the lab is built, with each lab module unlocking 4 new techs after they’re built.

Landfall credits

To get started, choose one of the first 4 available, such as “Algae-Grown Meat.” Instead of unlocking a facility or making an existing one more efficient, this tech will provide a 5,000 credits upon completion and will generate 60 credits per minute going forward. Other techs will only yield a lump sum of credits, but they will provide a lot more at once to offset the lost cost over time. Make sure you research all of them to earn the most amount of cash possible!


2. Rover Missions

Landfall rovers

Another way to earn credits is through rover missions, which can be completed at your own pace after the tutorial. It is generally a good idea to always have available rovers out on a mission, going to different locations to discover what is out in the region. Some missions will yield resources, like iron ore, copper, ice, or find locations for various mines.

Landfall Credits

The ones that give credits are the ones we are interested for this guide, however, and those missions are titled “Unusual Formation.” If you’re hurting for credits and you see that mission pop up on your screen, definitely send a rover over to it to check it out, as you’re bound to get some credits for your trouble. The rovers will take time to get to and from the base, so make sure you have a rover headed to an unusual formation before you put your phone down for the day to ensure you have some credits when you get back to playing.


3. Export Hub

Landfall Credits

If you still need credits, there’s a quick way to get them while selling off your extra inventory. If you’ve played through the tutorial, you’ve probably been prompted to build the Export Hub already, which you’ll need to fulfill contracts with other settlements. If not, go ahead and build that, as you’ll need that for random bouts of quick cash.

Landfall credits

Every 15 minutes, you’ll get a new contract to fulfill — you provide the goods, and the settlement will give you credits for them. These contracts are randomized, and you may not have everything you need to complete one at that moment, but you can keep them in your Export Hub for as long as you want. If you don’t want to sell items, you can decline the contract, at which point you’ll free up a slot for another contract to appear. Keeping an eye on these contracts will ensure that you get ones you actually like quicker instead of letting contracts you don’t like pile up and stay there forever.

And that’s how you can get credits in Landfall — without watching ads or spending real money, mind you! If you’re enjoying the game or if this guide helped you at all, sound off in the comments!

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