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Pokemon Presents | Bike Featured

Earlier today, the Pokémon Company shared a ton of fun details during their latest Pokémon Presents. While the first part focused on the World Championships and updates to games like Pokémon Unite and Pokémon Go, we’re gonna focus on the latest details for the upcoming new adventure, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. And trust me, there’s a lot of great details to unpack!

Pokemon Presents | Vroom Vroom

Firstly, the Pokémon Presents talked more about the open world nature of Scarlet and Violet. It looks as though you’ll get a Legendary Pokémon that can transform into a motorbike, watercraft or glider to ferry you around the Paldea region. Those Pokémon will be either Koraidon or Miraidon, respectively. Though both look to be very fun creatures, I personally prefer the goofy red Koraidon with his floppy Klonoa ears. As you explore Paldea, you do so at your own pace, and choose what order you tackle the Gyms in, which is pretty neat.

Pokemon Presents | Icy Ghosts

They also talked about a new feature called the Terastal Phenomenon. It can occur to any Pokémon in the game, and gives them a crystalline form and a significant power upgrade. Some Pokémon even get a special Tera Type that differs from their usual typing, such as a Flying Pikachu. Tera Types will also play a role in Raid Battles, with something new to Scarlet and Moon called Tera Raids. By using the Poké Portal and Union Circle to team up with friends, you can go on Tera Raids to capture powerful and rare Tera Type Pokémon. You can even choose the order your attacks go out in, instead of waiting on an arbitrary timer.

Pokemon Presents | Grusha

That’s all pretty great, but here’s some more tidbits. The Pokémon Presents covered new characters in Scarlet and Violet, such as the shy Penny, icy Gym Leader Grusha, and the director of the Academy, Clavell. Not to be outdone, we also learned about some new Pokémon, such as the adorably squishy Fairy Type named Fidough, the frosty whale Cetitan, and even a Paldean form of Wooper with a Poison/Ground typing!

Pokemon Presents | Fidough


Lastly, the Pokémon Presents confirmed that pre-ordering Scarlet and Violet early will net you some neat bonuses, such as the aforementioned Tera Type Pikachu, an Adventure Set of items and even 100 Poké Balls if you pick up both games. No matter what you end up playing, November 18th is looking more and more exciting for fans of this popular series. And if you want to watch the presentation for yourself, just check it out below!

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