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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in 2023


Apopia | Featured

One of the best things about indies is you never know what to expect. Take Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale, for example. Developed by Quillo Games as the debut title in Happinet’s Indie Collection, at first it looks like a happy go lucky story about a girl named Mai that wakes up in place called Yogurtland. It’s chock full of bright colors and talkative animal friends. But then Mai starts to uncover the truth of her past, and in so doing is confronted with harsh and nightmarish truths. Apopia looks like a truly promising adventure when it releases in 2023. But for those of you that hate waiting, we have some more good news.

Starting today, you can try a demo called Apopia: Prologue on Steam. Not enough Apopia for you? Well, you can also check out Apopia: The Broken Crown, an animated short that provides more insight into the world of the game. Best of all, both the demo and animated short are available in multiple languages, including English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Apopia | Puzzles

For those curious what to expect from Apopia; Sugar Coated Tale, here’s some noteworthy elements:

Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale key features:

  • Two Worlds, One Game— Players will solve physical challenges in the colorful Fantasy World and face psychological obstacles in the Dark World which provide distinct experiences in each.
  • Story-rich with Positive Themes— Brimming with rich symbolism and metaphor – Apopia strives to encourage players to look at things from different perspectives, focusing on themes of humanity, companionship, and discovery of self-identity.
  • Multiple Playable Characters— Play as Mai, trouble-making cat, Nico, rabbit caretaker Moly, and other characters with quirky personalities, each with their own unique ability. Characters will also work as a team to solve problems.
  • Replayable Mini-games and Puzzles— Defeat enemies and solve problems via a variety of devious puzzles and clever mini-games that include quick time events, running, sneaking, dodging, flying, swinging, and more! Further difficulties will be unlocked in Minigame Mode after completion.
  • Secrets to Unveil— Secrets and encoded messages are hidden throughout the game which would hint the deeper understanding of the lore.

Apopia | Demo

Be sure and check out the trailer for Apopia below. And stay tuned to HPP for more promising ventures from Happinet!

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