Bayonetta 3 Launches On Switch October 28th, Just In Time For Spooky Season

The Witch Is Back

Bayonetta 3

If you were worried that Bayonetta 3 might not make its previously announced 2022 release date, a new trailer should put your mind at ease. Bayonetta 3 is now set to release on October 28th, just in time for spooky season.

In this new trailer we get another look at the new kaiju battles where you control enormous monsters to take on building sized foes. Several such creatures are visible, including a giant spider that seems to be able to climb buildings.

Bayonetta won’t be alone in this new adventure, teaming up with a whole coven of witches. You’ll be taking control of some of these witches during your adventure in addition to Bayonetta, including a young witch named Viola who has a mysterious past. She fights with a sword which should provide some welcome variety during gameplay.

Bayonetta 3

For those who have always found Bay0netta a bit too sexy, a new mode might help this game appeal to you. Naïve angel mode is a new feature that will censor bits of the game if you turn it on. For example, Bayonetta fights with her hair but her clothes are also made of that same hair. Ya, I know. This means in past titles that when she uses certain special attacks, her clothes disappear. While the sensitive bits remain covered, this might be a bit much for certain audiences or in certain situations. If you feel that way, no worries though. Just turn on naïve angel mode and you’ll still do the same attacks, her outfit will just remain in place. Don’t worry if you prefer the original style though, it isn’t going anywhere.

In addition to releasing Bayonetta 3 in October, Nintendo will put out a first time physical release of the first Bayonetta on Switch September 30th at limited retailers and via their own website. While this release will be limited, its a great chance for hardcore fans of the series to own the whole thing in physical form. Nintendo released Bayonetta 1 & 2 together on Switch back in 2018, but that release only had the second game on its cart. A code to download the first title was included in the case but wasn’t actually included in physical form. This release of Bayonetta will retail for $29.99.

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