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Bugsnax mail — it never fails!

bugsnax mail

“If you’ve played Bugsnax before but have yet to enjoy the free BIGSnax DLC, there’s no better time than now to revisit Snaktooth Island and discover its bugsnax; if you haven’t played at all, then this is your sign to pick up this surprisingly deep (and dark) experience.”

— Hey Poor Player’s Bugsnax Review

Bugsnax is a sweet yet sinister creature collection game with adventure and puzzle elements that’ll have you craving more calories than you can count. Take on the role of a “mediocre journalist” who must rebuild a small, struggling society through the power of friendship… and bugsnax, of course! The original release had plenty of quests and sidequests to keep players occupied, but the BIGSnax DLC introduces more content than players can shake a snaktrap at — including an entirely new island, access to a super secret area, and even more bugsnax to catch and catalog.

In addition to all that aforementioned fun stuff, there are also over 100 new side-sidequests to complete. Arriving by post in your brand new house, these 110 mail missions are technically optional, but some are needed to complete for at least one achievement so it’s good to read and respond to your letters every once in awhile. Not sure where to begin? Never fear — we’ve finished every last mail mission and are here to help other mediocre journalists do the same.

Bugsnax Mail Missions Basics

bugsnax mail missions

In order to get mail missions, you’ll first need to be able to get mail. To do this, just keep powering through quests until Filbo decides to gift you your own house, complete with a mailbox of your own. He’ll mention that this is perhaps the best way for the residents of Snaxburg to get in contact with you — much like how they used to communicate with Lizbert — and will send requests from time to time instead of waiting to hopefully catch a glimpse of you between bugsnax escapades. Once obtained, these requests can be found within your journal under the house icon, and fulfilling them yields furniture, wallpaper, roofing, lighting, and other decoration items for your house.

There are 110 total mail missions in Bugsnax, and while completing all of them is less of a necessity and more for bragging rights, there is at least one achievement that will require the prizes gifted from them (Live, Laugh, Hut). Some are pretty self-explanatory, others are a bit tricky, and others still are literally invisible; however, all are relatively straightforward after players have become comfortable with gameplay.

Without further ado, here is the 110 Mail Missions Bugsnax guide (in alphabetical order):

bugsnax boiling bay

Capture all Bugsnax in Boiling Bay

Capture all Bugsnax in Broken Tooth

Capture all Bugsnax in Flavor Falls

Capture all Bugsnax in Frosted Peak

Capture all Bugsnax in Garden Grove

Capture all Bugsnax in Scorched Gorge

Capture all Bugsnax in Simmering Springs

Capture all Bugsnax in Sizzlin’ Sands

Capture all Bugsnax in Sugarpine Woods

bugsnax guide

Catch 10 bugsnax in under 90 seconds

Catch 3 different types of Bugsnax at once

Catch 5 different bugsnax in under 60 seconds

Catch 5 Snakpods in under 30 seconds

Catch all Bugsnax

Catch Cactriffy out and about (Secret Quest)

  • Sleep in Lizbert and Eggabell’s bed and wake up at midnight. Wake up and look out the window. If Cactriffy cannot be seen inside Wambus and Triffany’s house, walk around Snaxburg until you find her, then scan her to finish this mission.


Catch one too many snax with a fully expanded Snakpack (Secret Quest)

  •  Fully expand snakpack to fit 18 bugsnax, fill it full to hold 18 out of 18, then catch one more bugsnax to have 19/18.


Catch the barn snax on fire (Secret Quest)

  • Easy to accomplish during Snorpy’s flare quest — set the snax in Gramble’s barn on fire.


Complete 80 letters

bugsnax guide

Complete all sidequests for Beffica

Complete all sidequests for Chandlo

Complete all sidequests for Cromdo

Complete all sidequests for Floofty

Complete all sidequests for Gramble

Complete all sidequests for Shelda

Complete all sidequests for Snorpy

Complete all sidequests for Triffany

Complete all sidequests for Wambus

Complete all sidequests for Wiggle

Complete the second interview with Eggabell

bugsnax guide

Donate all four legendary snax

Donate the mystery Bugsnak to Gramble’s barn (Lovely Sweetiefly)

Donate the mystery Bugsnak to Gramble’s barn (BBQ Bunger)

Donate the mystery Bugsnak to Gramble’s barn (Cheery)

Donate the mystery Bugsnak to Gramble’s barn (Cobhopper)

Donate the mystery Bugsnak to Gramble’s barn (Golden Kweeble)

Donate the mystery Bugsnak to Gramble’s barn (Black Lollive)

Donate the mystery Bugsnak to Gramble’s barn (Tropicabug)

Donate the mystery Bugsnak to Gramble’s barn (White Strabby)

Donate the mystery Bugsnak to Gramble’s barn (Tacroach)

bugsnax guide

Fall from the uppermost levels of Frosted Peak to the bottom

Feed a Baja Tacroach to the mystery grumpus (Chandlo)

Feed a Caramel Poptick to the mystery grumpus (Wambus)

Feed a Flamin’ Cheepoof to the mystery grumpus (Cromdo)

Feed a single grumpus over 25 different Bugsnax

Feed an Aggroll to the mystery grumpus (Snorpy)

Feed an Instabug to the mystery grumpus (Beffica)

bugsnax guide

Find a lost item for Beffica

Find a lost item for Chandlo

Find a lost item for Cromdo

Find a lost item for Filbo

Find a lost item for Floofty

Find a lost item for Shelda

Find a lost item for Snorpy

Find a lost item for Triffany

Find a lost item for Wambus

Find a lost item for Wiggle

bugsnax guide

Find all the sauces

Finish investigating the new island

Get knocked out of bounds by a bugsnak

Investigate the intrusion at Snaxburg

Listen to all of the secret tapes in the Triplicate Space

Make 2 basketball shots in Snaxburg without letting the ball hit the ground

Perform a power nap (Secret Quest)

  • Go to bed 10 – 20 minutes before one of the wake up times; i.e., sleep at 4:50 AM and wake up at 5 AM.


Pick up all of Cromdo’s discarded posters

Pick up the triangle key (Triplicate Space)

bugsnax guide

Purge a Green Crapple

Purge a Loaded Spuddy

Purge a Razzby

Purge a Scorpepper or Scorpenyo

Purge a Spaghider

Put up posters to advertise Cromdo Mart

Remove toilet paper from the outhouse (Secret Quest)

  • When the outhouse is open, pick up all the toilet paper and scatter it around town. Wait until a grump runs to use it to receive the letter and reward.

bugsnax guide

Return all the grumpuses to Snaxburg

Return Beffica to Snaxburg

Return Chandlo to Snaxburg

Return Cromdo to Snaxburg

Return Filbo to Snaxburg

Return Floofty to Snaxburg

Return Gramble to Snaxburg

Return Shelda to Snaxburg

Return Snorpy to Snaxburg

Return Triffany to Snaxburg

Return Wambus to Snaxburg

Return Wiggle to Snaxburg

Bugsnax guide

Scan 50 environment objects

Scan a Crapple carrying another Crapple

Scan a flaming BBQ Bunger

Scan a frozen Stewdler

Scan a Grapesquito sucking a Noodler

Scan a Hunnabee with a basketball stuck to it

Scan a Picantis caught in Flapjackarak’s whirlwind

Scan a Pinkle wearing an Aggroll box

Scan a Sandopede hanging from a Lollive

Scan a Shy Weenyworm with ketchup on it

Scan a Sodie watering Wambus’s old garden in Garden Grove

bugsnax mail missions

Scope the Snaxsquatch in 3 different locations (Secret Quest)

  • Scorched Gorge: After fixing the windmills, go to sleep in Crombo’s makeshift bed near the bridge and wake up at 5 AM. Once you wake up, open up your camera and scan the windmill area, where Snaxsquatch should be hiding.
  • Sugarpine Forest: Immediately upon entering, open your camera and turn right to look at the trees. Snaxsquatch is chilling underneath one of Chandlo’s basketballs.
  • Simmering Springs: Upon entering, head left to the kweeble/tropicabug area and turn left again to look in the trees along the rocky area (with camera open). Snaxsquatch is hanging out among the trees.


Sleep in your airship cot (Secret Quest)

  • Self-explanatory — sleep in your airship cot.


Stay on fire continuously for over 30 seconds

Tell ghost stories with friends

bugsnax guide

Transform a grumpus to show all 4 Peelbug variants

Transform a grumpus to show all 4 Sodie variants

Transform a grumpus using 13 different cheese-containing snax

Transform a grumpus using 13 different fruit-containing snax

Transform a grumpus using 3 different breakfast pastry snax

Transform a grumpus using 3 different compound snax

Transform a grumpus using 8 different chocolate-containing snax

Transform a grumpus using all 4 Sweetiefly variants

Transform a grumpus using all 8 Snakpod variants

Try to return Eggabell to Snaxburg

Watch the “Founding of Snaxburg” tape

bugsnax mail misisons
And there you have it! If you follow this guide in its entirety, you should have completed all 110 mail missions in Bugsnax. Snaktastic!

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