Here’s the Titles Aksys Games Revealed at Anime Expo

Plenty of Great Aksys Games Are Coming


Aksys Games | Inescapable

Over the weekend, Aksys Games revealed a bunch of reasons to get excited. Namely, they showcased several upcoming new titles during Anime Expo 2022. While pretty much all the games are either Visual Novel or Otome, that doesn’t mean there’s not something for everyone. There’s a bunch of different themes, from working with cute animals to deathly curses to social thrillers and even a supernatural sequel I’m personally quite excited about. I’ll list all the games alphabetically below, along with any relevant details and reveal trailers.

Aksys Games | Death Mark II

Inescapable (PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X|S)

Inescapable is the one reality show I would watch. You find yourself on a tropical island resort, competing with others to try and win a ton of money. There’s just one small catch – there’s no rules and no escape. Developed by Dreamloop Games, it’s a tale about how far human nature will go if stressed to the absolute limit.

Norn9: Var Commons & Last Era (Switch)

Aksys Games is bringing fan favorite Nor9 to Switch along with the follow up, Last Era. This time traveling tale is all about discovering the secrets of the past and of yourself. It also shows that the Nintendo Switch is the official home for portable adventures, since Nor9 originally released on the PSP in Japan.

Pups & Purrs Pet Shop (Switch)

There’s not much story to this one, I suspect. Pups & Purrs Pet Shop is just a game about working at a pet shop with adorable animals, as the trailer below should make abundantly clear.

Radiant Tale (Switch)

Tifalia just wants to live an interesting life, and gets her wish when a group called CIRCUS wanders into her life. They’re a crazy group, with a a tickling dragon, an angry clown and more to make Tifalia question what’s happening, and how this troupe of weirdos can become a success.

Shuuen no Virche ~ErroЯ:Salvation (English title pending, Switch)

The citizens of Arpecheur are faced with a terrible curse that claims their lives on their 23rd birthday. They live in a country possessed by the god of Death, until one young woman arrives. Her name is Ceres, and she seems able to hasten the unnatural end of the citizens. Just as she’s about to claim her own life in despair, someone called “the watchman of death” arrives and everything begins to change.

Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II (PC, Switch, PS4)

And we saved the best for last. I was personally a giant fan of the original Death Mark game, and the follow up called Spirit Hunter: NG. But there’s one more sequel coming, and it’s simply called Death Mark II. If it’s anything like the games that came before it, it’ll be horrifying, fascinating and very well written.

And there you all have it! The latest and greatest titles coming to you courtesy of the folks at Aksys Games. Be sure and stay tuned to HPP for more details on these titles as we learn about them.

Aksys Games | Shuuen no Virche

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