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best month ever

Best Month Ever! Review (PC)

Best Month Ever! Review: It was the summer of ’69 What would you do if you only had a month left to live? For Louise, there was no doubt in her mind: she’d find a home for her son, Mitch. Of course, such a task would be easier said…

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Review (PS4)

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Review: Over The Moon? Story of Seasons put the farming genre of games on the map back when it was known as Harvest Moon, before it changed names here in the west, and a new series started using the Harvest Moon name.…

Grindstone Gets Lost in Space with Cosmic Darkside Update

In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Grind   It’s always a good day when one of your favorite games gets new content. Capybara Games has just unleashed a massive new content update for Grindstone called the Cosmic Darkside. Not only does it remaster the first 60 levels from Grindstone,…

Aluna Now Available on PS4/5 and Other Consoles at Reduced Price

Experience a Unique Adventure for a Low, Low Price   Not too long ago, I helped cover Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards on Steam. And though I didn’t love every aspect of the game, overall I found it to be a challenging, fascinating experience. Well, now you’re in luck,…

Chomp Down as Dungeon Munchies Exits Steam Early Access

Cook Up Some Chaos with Dungeon Munchies   A little while back, HPP covered the reveal of Dungeon Munchies when it came to Nintendo Switch. While it previously released the first two chapters on both Steam Early Access and Nintendo Switch, you’re in luck. Developer maJAJa and publisher Chorus…

Girls’ Frontline is Back Online from July 26th Maintenance

Mirror, Mirror… Greetings Commanders! Girls’ Frontline is back online and, with it, comes the latest major event, Mirror Stage! There’s a good amount of goodies to see in the new event, as well as some new T-Dolls amongst other things, so let’s get checking out what all this update…

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