Nintendo Download for 6/30/22

Everybody Party With an Epic June Download!


Nintendo Download | Rabbids Party of Legends

How about that Nintendo Direct Mini the other day? I was personally blown away by the sheer quality and quantity of titles on display, and today during the Nintendo Download for 6/30/22, we’ll all benefit from it. There’s a ton of featured titles for today’s Download, as well as several special opportunities and even a couple of demos. If that wasn’t enough, you can still catch up on a few Summer sales, not to mention a bunch of digital goodies. But let’s start the Nintendo Download today with some especially tasty DLC.


Get Hungry


Nintendo Download | Cuphead DLC

I got into Cuphead pretty late, since it didn’t arrive on the Nintendo Switch the same time it graced other consoles. But boy, did it eat up all my attention for a while. I loved the insane and challenging platformer, and actually was motivated to platinum the game, which I almost never bother with. Now, we can all return to the world of Cuphead with The Delicious Last Course DLC. Not only does it feature more creative bosses to defeat, but also has a brand new playable character in Ms. Chalice. We also can check out the new Monster Hunter Rise DLC, called Sunbreak. It’s a massive and apparently free expansion for those that already own Rise, which is a great deal. If you prefer a classic, there’s the Portal Companion Collection. Or for wild times with friends, there’s Rabbids: Party of Legends. For something a bit more indie, there’s Little Noah: Scion of Paradise and Yurukill: The Calumniation Games. That’s a fantastic start to today’s Nintendo Download, but we’re not done yet. Let’s continue with some promising promotions.

First off, if you enjoy playing before deciding on a game, then you’re in luck with two free demos. Firstly, you can check out Live a Live now before the full game arrives later in July. If you want to try something a bit more frenetic, you can pick up the Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes demo and earn 100 Platinum points in the bargain. For those that enjoy My Nintendo, you can pick up some neat swag. Firstly you can get sports themed gear such as a soccer ball. You can also get some artsy stuff from the Fire Emblem universe.


Blazing Hot Summer Savings


Nintendo Download | MH Rise: Sunbreak

Now, there’s a lot of Summer sales happening from today until 7/6. Those include big names like 2K, Activision, Devolver, Sega and even Ubisoft. But instead of covering them all individually, I’m gonna instead lump together the best games I think are available from all of the various sales. So it’ll be one big list from multiple publishers. Here we go – BioShock: The Collection, Borderlands: Legendary Collection, Carrion, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Child of Light Ultimate Edition, Death’s Door, Diablo Prime Evil Collection, Enter the Gungeon, Exit the Gungeon, Gato Roboto, Hotline Miami Collection, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Katana ZERO, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition, The Messenger, My Friend Pedro, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game – Complete Edition, SMT III Nocturne HD Remaster, SMT V and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. To see the full details for each of these included sales, just click here.


So Squishy


Nintendo Download | Squish

We’re making progress, but we’re not done with the sales yet! Time for the Game Guide to chip in. If you love cute and unique puzzle games, try Part Time UFO for only $6.29. For a futuristic story, try Vengeful Heart for $6.49. To explore a wonderful world, there’s Sheepo for $7.14. If you prefer epic arcade action, try Steel Assault for $7.49. And for a game to make you question your decisions, try Hindsight 20/20 – Wrath of the Raakshasa for $7.49.


Wiggle If You Love Discounts


Nintendo Download | Parasite Pack

Here’s some more sales. You can experience a classic styled RPG in Anuchard for $11.99. Or meld dimensions with a friend with Toodee & Topdee for $13.39. Fight supernatural foes in GetsuFumaDen for $16.24. Puzzle your way to victory in Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon for $16.99. Lastly, you can save the day in Archvale for only $11.24. And apologies for the lack of some links here. The eShop was misbehaving for a few of these.


Not Dead Yet


Nintendo Download | Yurukill

Before we go, how about we cover some new digital games? It’s a good week to be a platformer fan with these games – Black Wolf, Nincat, Parasite Pack and Salaryman Shi. For a crazy party game, try Squish. Or for a point and click adventure, try Almost My Floor. RPG fans might enjoy Gamedec. Puzzle fans might enjoy Beasties and Red White Yellow Cruising. Team up with a furry friend in Quintus and the Absent Truth. Finally, for something unique, try Sine.


Beastly Boys


Nintendo Download | Beasties

How about that to close out June? Thanks for joining us at HPP for an epic Nintendo Download this week. And be sure to check back in July for our ongoing weekly coverage of great Nintendo games!

Josh Speer
Got my start in the industry at oprainfall, but been a game fanatic since I was young. Indie / niche advocate and fan of classics like Mega Man, Castlevania and Super Metroid. Enjoys many genres, including platformers, turn based / tactical RPGs, rhythm and much more. Champion of PAX West and Knight of E3.

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