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Eternal Threads Review (PC)

Eternal Threads Review: Timey Wimey Nonsense You’d think time travel would make it easy to fix historical issues, but that’s not the case in Eternal Threads. As a time operative, you’re sent back from the distant future to a random house in 2015 where a bunch of young adults…

Super Perils of Baking Review (PC)

Super Perils of Baking Review: A Little Undercooked     Platformers: a classic recipe for fun. The time-tested genre is as old as gaming itself, yet still remains a fixture of the video game landscape. Super Perils of Baking, an extension of the original Perils of Baking, brings a…
HPP Download Variant 1

Nintendo Download for 6/30/22

Everybody Party With an Epic June Download!   How about that Nintendo Direct Mini the other day? I was personally blown away by the sheer quality and quantity of titles on display, and today during the Nintendo Download for 6/30/22, we’ll all benefit from it. There’s a ton of…

Azure Striker Gunvolt Blasts to Xbox, Opens Gunvolt 3 Pre-Orders June 30th

Gunvolt Is Coming to More Gamers Soon   Today marks amazing news if you’re a fan of epic platformers by Inti Creates. The action-packed series has just made its way to the Xbox family of consoles, namely the Xbox One and Series X|S, with the original Azure Striker Gunvolt…

Help Celebrate Diversity this July with 4th Annual Season of Pride

Celebrate the Rainbow Next Month   We live in strange times. The planet is literally on fire, institutions are fraught with stresses unimagined, and those empowered with great authority often abuse it. So it seems more important now than ever to talk about LGBTQ+ pride, and the communities that…

Sumeru Archon and Characters Leaked for Genshin Impact’s 3.0 Patch

The Leaks Spring Forth as Three Sumeru Characters and the Sumeru Archon Are Leaked   Greetings Travelers! It’s time for some Genshin Impact leaks, and boy, do we have some good ones today. From three new Sumeru characters having their abilities and character visuals leaked, we also have rumors…

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