Trek to Yomi: Chapter 7 Guide

The End?

Trek to Yomi

When you start chapter 7, your dojo and your foe lie directly ahead of you, but they’re blocked by flames so you can’t make your way through. Instead, head to the left to grab some ammo, then head right where you can almost immediately grab a collectible. There’s a shrine ahead; climb the stairs that were blocked by a cart in chapter 1 and go inside for another collectible. Move forward to fight a couple bandits, including one with an ozutsu. Take them out and move forward down some stairs into a burning building.

Jump a barrier and find some ammo. Slay the enemies when you drop down off a cliff and move forward to see a few surviving villagers with a collectible next to them. Move forward for a split path and a shrine. Take the stairs to the left and follow the path until you enter a building. Here you’ll find ammo and some barrels you can push onto the enemies below. Hop down and one more enemy will still come at you. Take him out.

Trek to Yomi

Climb a ridge and kill some enemies on the rooftops. The roof will eventually collapse, dropping you down. Hop down another cliff and go outside to reach a shrine. Move forward and reach a split path. The southern path will have you take on a pair of foes including one with a spear but will provide an ozutsu upgrade. When that’s done, go north and kill a few foes inside the building. Exit to face a powerful foe with a long weapon. Beat him to unlock a skill.

Head forward into a burning house where you’ll hear the cries of trapped villagers. As you run toward a shrine, the floor will collapse. Go into the room on the right to push the barrier blocking the villagers; after they make their escape, step into the area they were previously in to grab a health upgrade. Then go back and climb up the ladder to reach that shrine. There will be ammo on the way. Head outside to fight several more bandits. The first has an ozutsu so take him out fast. There are several more foes ahead and then the screen turns. Grab ammo here and proceed to a shrine.

Trek to Yomi

Move forward and archers will be firing at you from the background. You need to keep moving because lots of enemies are coming at you on the main path too and your cover is destructible. Don’t stop, just use the cover as best you can and soon you’ll reach another shrine. Fight through another section like the last and you’ll see a house with a ladder to climb into. First though, keep going to a house with a bunch of ammo if you’re in need. Then return and climb that ladder. Fight through a room shrouded with screens and then enter a room with ammo and another shrine.

Outside, a long line of archers awaits you. Roll past their arrows and cut them down. You’ll reach another shrine and what looks like a path to a dojo but — shocker! — another explosion blocks your path again. There’s ammo here, so take what you need and continue onwards. When you’re ready proceed, head into the house to the right and kill all foes. Move back outside for more bandits to slay. Strike down the foe blocking the entrance to the burning house and move inside. Jump a barrier and grab a collectible, then go upstairs and grab another before breaking down the door.

Trek to Yomi

You’ll hop outside with another path ahead to the dojo, which will again collapse. Detour a screen down for ammo if you need it, but otherwise proceed to the right. Climb a ledge there, then proceed to the right and slide down a slope into a room. There’s a stamina increase in the back, so don’t move on before grabbing it. Outside, you’ll find a shrine and the floor will explode into flames. Keep moving to stay ahead of the flames as they spread. You’ll have to jump several barriers and eventually climb onto the rooftops. If you think you’re safe there though, think again. The fire will spread there too. Keep moving and the roof will collapse, but just keep pushing forward. Finally, you’ll be free from the fire when you emerge from the building you fall into. Climb some stairs to find ammo and a shrine.

Trek to Yomi

At this point you’ll finally reach the entrance to the dojo. No more fake outs, this is the real deal. Go past it to grab ammo and the last collectible, then head inside. You’ll find the final boss here, but be forewarned — he hits fast and hard like a speeding truck. You’ll need all your skill to take him on in a boss battle with two phases. The first phase likes to get in close and corner you so make sure to use your space wisely. He can take you out very fast if you get stuck, so stay on your toes. After beating his first phase, you’ll find another which can create explosions but he’s not as good as trapping you (I actually found the second phase a lot easier). Roll out of the way of explosions. Get his health down some and he’ll summon some ghostly help, but they aren’t all that dangerous. Defeat them and he comes back, ready for you to finish him off.

Congratulations on completing Trek to Yomi!

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