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Trek to Yomi

As you start the sixth chapter of Trek to Yomi, you’re pushing into the very heart of Yomi. There’s ammo right by where you start, and you can see a shrine above you. Go use it, and you’ll find a collectible just to the left. Then continue to the right. Fight through several screens of spirits to reach another shrine. Proceed through a huge doorway and down a flight of stairs. You’ll find a bunch more spirits here. Climb some stairs now and find more waiting for you. After defeating them, you’ll find another of the rotating puzzles from the last chapter. They’re the same as they were there, with you needing to find symbols in the environment. The one on the rock fist blends a bit, but if you squint, you’ll see it. Put the symbols in order at the top of the rotating circle, and you’ll be able to proceed. The fist will open, and you’ll see a little cutscene. After a big flash, you’ll find yourself in a new location, next to a shrine.

Trek to Yomi

Fight your way through a bunch of spirits, and you’ll find another statue. Another flash of light will dump you sliding down a slope. Climb up a cliff to grab a stamina increase and ammo. Go north into a circle of flames to grab a collectible and even more ammo. Then go through the door ahead. Proceed down the path, fighting past a bunch more enemies. You’ll find a huge portal ahead. Go through it. On the other side, there will be a shrine. Push forward, and things will crash down around you in the background, and spirits will attack. When you reach the next shrine, make sure to grab the collectible next to it. Climb up a cliff for another rotation puzzle. The path ahead will reform after you complete it, and you can proceed. Move up a huge slope, fighting spirits along the way. When the path ends, climb a cliff. Go left and climb another cliff, then right for yet another one. Go right up another slope, fighting past more spirits, to reach another shrine with a bunch of ammo. Move forward to fight another crowd of spirits. Take them out and then proceed inside the building before you.

Inside the building, you’ll have a ladder to climb. At the top, step out on the beam to grab ammo and a collectible. Move through the hole in the wall to grab more ammo. Then head right. Up the stairs ahead, and you’ll soon find a shrine. There’s ammo off to the right, but after grabbing it, head up the stairs ahead of you. Follow the path into a cavern with another rotation puzzle. It’s the same as before. Put the symbols in order. The way ahead will reform.

Trek to Yomi

You’ll find a new puzzle ahead where you must activate towers in order to open a path ahead. The towers flash in the order you need to activate them. They go bottom right, top left, top right, bottom left. Then the path will open ahead. Proceed into the newly activated portal to appear in a new area. Hop up a cliff. Move ahead and activate another tower which will drop you in a new area with a shrine. Move forward to face your first non-spirit enemies in some time. Blighted stand ahead. Beat them until you see another tower ahead. Stop to grab the collectible on the right and then proceed up to it. You can grab some ammo on the left side before activating it, but then do so and appear in a new area with a shrine.

Cross a series of bridges filled with blighted and, when the path turns, grab a collectible. Then head up. There’s ammo just before yet another tower. Hit up a shrine and grab ammo if needed, and then head right over another bridge. There’s more blighted ahead. Cross a few burning bridges and an explosion, and you’ll see a stamina increase against a building. Proceed up to the tower ahead and appear in a forest with another shrine.

Trek to Yomi

Fight over the first bridge ahead filled with blighted to reach a little shrine with a health increase. Then proceed over the next bridge ahead for many more blighted. You’ll come out in an area with another tower. Instead of going right to it, go into the house at the back of the screen for a bunch of ammo. There’s also a collectible to the right of the house. Then go to the tower. This new area will have another shrine and a lot more blighted to fight past. Do so, and you’ll see an area in the background you can run into for a collectible and ammo. Go into the light. You’ll end up in a lonely-looking area with a shrine and a lone building. Inside the building, you’ll face a surprise boss who is very fast. Use your ranged weapons and whittle him down before going in close to finish him off. Defeat him to complete chapter 6.

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