Trek to Yomi: Chapter 4 Guide

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Trek to Yomi

At the start of chapter 4, Hiroki sees Aiko in the distance and follows after her. Run forward, and a vision ahead of her vanishes. Follow the path down. Soon you’ll find an old woman who warns you of a plague. In front of the cage in front of you, you’ll find a collectible. Head to the right near the water to find a shuriken. Then proceed past the cage. You’ll reach a shrine and then a split path. The house on the left has shurikens and a collectible, but the path forward is the one at the top of the area. Here you’ll find a new enemy type, called a Blighted. They’re basically zombies. These take a few more hits to kill than earlier foes. There’s another ahead, and then you’ll run around a trail and find some ammo. Head north to find a cliff and another pair of Blighted. Take them out and climb up. At the top, you’ll find ammo and a shrine. Move forward to find another image of Aiko, but she vanishes, and the log you’re on collapses, dumping you with more Blighted. Take them out and move forward to meet a samurai who thinks you’re a demon. You’ll need to kill him, which unlocks a new skill.

Trek to Yomi

Several more Blighted await you ahead. Take them out to climb a cliff to reach a shrine. You’ll find a split path. On the left, you’ll find a collectible, a stamina increase, and ammo. Return to the right to run onto a log with more Blighted. This one holds up, and you’ll have to climb down. Climb over another log to find more ammo. A stronger Blighted waits ahead, and beating him will get you another skill. Move forward to find a few more Blighted ahead. Next to a shrine, you’ll find another split path. Go north to avoid a fight and destroy a dam, releasing water that will kill the foes below. Then continue forward into a building with a collectible. Climbing a ladder here leads to a stamina upgrade, though only after taking out a Blighted. Then climb down and exit the back of the building. Here you’ll see a bunch of Blighted surrounding a giant bug enemy. Take them out and keep moving. On the next screen, you’ll find ammo, a shuriken, and a shrine. On the next screen, you’ll face another samurai who believes you’re the enemy and can’t be dissuaded. Beat him and run past a rock that looks like a face. You’ll climb one cliff and drop from another. Beat a few Blighted and climb another cliff. You’ll find another split path ahead though the way forward is north. You’ll need to climb a few more cliffs. Several Blighted wait for you, but past them is another shrine. A villager here will speak with you but only in riddles. He advised you to hang onto hope.

Trek to Yomi

Another samurai waits ahead, and like the first two, he can’t be reasoned with. Kill him. Go into the next house you find and drop down. Head left and then climb down a ladder for ammo and a health upgrade. Then climb the ladder again and head right. Once you’re back outside, climb a ledge. You can go left for ammo and a collectible but then go right. Pass a bridge with Blighted on it. There’s a shrine on the far side. Head down the path and find a stamina increase on the docks. You’ll then see the Aiko vision ahead and need to climb a ridge to follow her. An enemy here has a new type of weapon called an ozutsu. It’s basically a simple gun. Take him out quick to add it to your arsenal. On the next screen, you’ll find ammo and a shrine.

After moving forward, you’ll reach a cutscene, and Hiroki starts piloting a raft. After the cutscene ends, you’ll be in a fight with your crew from chapter 2, leaving little doubt about where you are. Defeat them and then find a shrine and a cliff to jump down ahead. You’ll then need to cross a bridge with a bunch more Blighted, including another ozutsu. After passing the bridges here, you’ll find another shrine. You’ll also see a ladder which you can climb and enter a building at the top. Inside is a quiver upgrade and a door to break down. The path forward is filled with Blighted but it will eventually collapse, dropping you among more Blighted. Take them out and proceed forward.

Trek to Yomi

Inside the next building, you’ll find, surprise, more Blighted. Past them, you’ll find more ammo and a path above you. Climb a ledge, and the roof ahead of you will collapse, leading you to slide down. You’ll soon take another raft. When you get off, you’ll find a shrine. Fight a few more enemies and enter a tower. Go up the ladder here, and at the top will be ammo and a shrine. Exit ahead and start down the path. Now there are enemies in your way, but the path behind you starts collapsing too. Stay ahead of it, and you’ll eventually reach safety. A small ledge to the right of the screen has a collectible, then move forward to a shrine. Some ammo is just ahead, and you’ll then fight across another bridge. You’ll push a log down to cross a gap.

Move down and slide down a few slopes. At the bottom of these are a collectible and more ammo. A bridge and then a field full of Blighted are ahead. At the end of these areas, you’ll climb a cliff, where you’ll finally see Aiko again. Follow her for a boss fight. This one takes the damage potential up a bit. She can lay into you up close or rain projectiles on you. Dodge these attacks and make sure to mix up both your close and ranged attacks. Defeat her to end chapter 4.

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