Trek to Yomi: Chapter 3 Guide

This Town Is On Fire

Trek to Yomi

Hiroki returns to his village to find it burning. He starts his desperate search for Aiko.  Run through the gate and up the stairs. As you head forward, you’ll find a collectible against one of the few non-burning structures on the left side of the area. When you reach a dead-end, there will be a place to climb up to the roof on the left side. Move forward and drop back down. You’ll face a couple of enemies and reach some stairs. Head down and locate a shrine. Ahead of you, the path will split, with you either being able to go across a bridge and inside or go below it. Go below it. A villager hiding under the bridge can fill you in on some information. There’s also a shuriken refill here, and another near the lower entrance to the building.

Enter the building, and you’ll find a new skill. Go upstairs, and you’ll find a connection to where the upper entrance to the building would have brought you. There’s a shrine and a collectible here. Several enemies will be waiting for you in the next room. Move forward. Just after the perspective changes, the floor will collapse beneath you, dropping you into an area full of enemies, including some armored ones. After beating them, you’ll find a shrine and stairs back to where you fell.

Trek to Yomi

Here you’ll come upon a trapped bandit and his friend. Kill the friend and then have a rather vindictive conversation with the trapped man. Move forward and slide down a slope. An archer will be in your way. Roll to avoid his attack and take him out to gain the bow upgrade. Move forward and take down another enemy to reach a shrine. Here you’ll climb a ladder and get above a group of enemies. It looks like something you might be able to drop on your foes, but instead, the platform collapses and drops you among them. After defeating them, head outside to find another shrine and ammo. At first, there will seem to be no way forward but interact with the horse, and it will release its cart, clearing a path.

In the next area, you’ll see some villagers rush out and immediately be cut down by arrows. Archers in the background will fire periodically, which will kill you quickly if hit. You’ll need to run between cover to avoid them. Watch the foreground as well, though, as several enemies will come at you, trying to force you out of cover. After fighting through these enemies, you’ll find ammo and a shrine. Move forward to fight a pair of enemies before jumping off a cliff. Several more enemies await you below. When you come to a burning house and move down to a shrine. The following section will see several enemies on horseback rushing past you. Roll to avoid their attacks and keep moving. Eventually, you’ll find more ammo and a shrine. You can run to the right to find the graveyard from chapter 1, which has a stamina upgrade, but after that, head up into the village. You’ll pass fleeing villagers on the way.

Trek to Yomi

A shrine will wait for you just inside the village. Move to the right to save several villagers from bandits, then climb a cliff. Grab some ammo and then climb up again. You’ll slide past some boxes and then find more ammo and a shrine. Here you’ll face a foe with a spear who you’ll have to get close to in order to kill. Beating him unlocks a new skill. Move into the building before you. A room on the right has a stamina upgrade and a collectible. Then climb a ladder there to find some ammo. Jump out the window in the front left of the room. One more foe stands between you and a shrine. Climb another ladder and then drop down on the left. You’ll then face a bunch of enemies behind screens. Drop down, and you’ll find a dying friend who tries to stop you. Head to the right to grab a quiver upgrade and health increase before returning and going left over a barrier.

Climb the stairs and move forward. Here you can climb down a ladder to find ammo and a new skill. Move forward through a barn, fighting multiple foes, then after you emerge, proceed north over the water and locate a stamina upgrade. You’ll find a shrine ahead. Then several enemies stand in your way on the next screen. As you do, a tower will collapse in the background. Enter the gates to find yourself back where the horse riding soldier was in the first chapter. There’s a bunch of ammo here if you need it. Pass a variety of dying villagers to reach more foes you can take on. The bridge ahead of you will have a bunch more foes, including another with a spear. On the other side of the bridge is a shrine. Move forward into a burning building, including yet another with a spear. On the first screen outside the building, you’ll find a collectible and a stamina upgrade. As you move forward further, you’ll find more foes, including one with a bow. Jump off a cliff to find another shrine back where you moved the cart in chapter one.

Trek to Yomi

As you approach the dojo where you started the game, you’ll face a foe who shouldn’t be alive, who gives you some disturbing news. For the second of three missions, you’ll end the chapter on a boss battle you can’t win. Once it’s over, though, chapter 3 will be as well.

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