Trek to Yomi: Chapter 2 Guide

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Trek to Yomi

We enter chapter 2 of Trek to Yomi with Hiroki and Aiko now as adults running the village. A group of warlords has been terrorizing neighboring areas, so Hiroki is sent out to help with a group of samurai. They’re all captured right away, though, which doesn’t seem to bother Hiroki that much. You’ll find yourself surrounded at the end of the cutscene, so cut your way through. Beat them, and you’ll get a shuriken upgrade. Head left real quick to grab a stamina upgrade as well. Then head to the right, where you’ll push a tree down to cross.

On the other side, you’ll find a shrine and ammo refill. You’ll jump into a river to take on a few other enemies and find yet another shrine. You’ll enter a camp where a young bandit will brag to you that he’s unbeatable. He’s a bit harder than an average foe, but despite your offer to let him walk away, you’re forced to send him to Yomi. Down the next path, you’ll find more ammo and a cliff to climb up. Here you’ll find a clearing, and you can follow a dog to find a little camp with more ammo and a collectible. Return to the clearing where there’s a shrine and a cliff to climb. At the top, a narrow cliff will lead you to a bridge that collapses on you. You’ll need to slide down a cliff to continue.

Trek to Yomi

You’ll soon enter a mine with a shrine. Take the path to the left, where another environmental threat can be unleashed to take out a whole crowd of foes. Slip down and backtrack to talk to a man who will give you a few tidbits about where your crew may have been taken. Move forward to find an elevator of sorts which you’ll activate by cutting a rope. You’ll find a split path, and if you go to the left, you can push a log to make a path to a collectible. Then turn around and go right. You’ll end up back outside, where you can grab a stamina upgrade and find a shrine. Cross a log, and it will collapse behind you. After another fight, you’ll find a split path where the left will lead to a collectible, and the right moves forward to yet another shrine and a bridge with an armored foe on it. He’s a good chance to practice your finishers. A few regular foes wait on the other side.

At this point, a cutscene will reveal the location of your compatriots who you are here to rescue. There are a shrine and ammo available. You’ll here fight through an extended group of foes to yet another shrine. Take them all out, and you’ll fight your way into the village. Immediately head up to the first house above you for a stamina upgrade and ammo. In the next house, you can save several villagers from a bandit. Ahead you’ll find a dead-end and a shrine. Once again, you’ll need to push a cart out of the way and then climb a ladder to a roof. Rush forward, and you’ll soon fall down. Turn around, and you can grab an ammo refill, but then go the other way, and you can fight your way forward until you jump over a barrier and continue.

Trek to Yomi

A cart will roll through the next area. A villager there informs you that a bandit is in his home. If you break down the door, you can kill him, and then grab a health increase and ammo in his yard, along with a shrine. In the next area, you can detour down to an area of houses. There’s a shrine and an ammo refill outside. In the house in the left, you’ll find a stamina increase and a collectible. On the right, you’ll find an armored bandit. Then head back north and cross the water. A few foes will come at you here, and you’ll want to come at them slow; I initially got too far past them and was cornered. The next screen will send three more enemies at you who surround you. On the other end of them, you’ll find a shrine. As you climb some steps, you’ll fight a few more foes and then enter a clearing where a giant tree will come crashing down. Follow it, jumping over a barrier. You’ll fight a few more enemies and kick open a barn door. In the barn is yet another collectible. You’ll soon find another shrine.

Three villagers will point you in the right direction, and you can climb a few ladders to the roof. Fight your way through some enemies and slide down to the ground, to then fight more enemies. You then climb yet another ladder. Another group of foes, including an armored one on a bridge, wait for you. Yet another bridge has some enemies before you get to a shrine and ammo.

Trek to Yomi

Finally reaching the boss of the area, Sadatame waits for you. He has a ranged weapon which you’ll need to avoid. Once you get him down to half his health, he’ll send some lackeys at you before coming at you again. Defeat him to complete chapter 2.

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