Trek to Yomi: Chapter 1 Guide

When Bandits Attack

Trek To Yomi Chapter 1 Guide

The first chapter of Trek to Yomi starts off with your character Hiroki in a training session with your sensei. The game will start by teaching you the basic controls before another adult rushes in and your sensei takes off, leaving you alone with his daughter Aiko. The two are worried and decide to follow him.

You’ll start by heading south from your temple through the town, until you come to the end of the path. Head right, and you’ll soon run across a man whose cart went off-kilter when your sensei rushed through. It’s now blocking the path, so you’ll need to push it out of the way. Once you do, proceed up the stairs and into a hall.

Trek To Yomi Chapter 1 Guide

Cross the hall and go down some stairs to reach a split path. You can go left to get a plum collectible, but you’ll need to head right once you do so. You’ll soon reach your first shrine, which heals you and acts as a save point. Continue on to find an open area where merchants are selling goods, and one has their items collapse. Hiroki offers to help but is turned down as they have it. Continue onward, and you’ll soon hear screaming. This is another split path, with the path on the left having a collectible but the right being the path forward.

Soon you’ll pass villagers yelling about bandits and then a group trying to hold a gate against a bandit on horseback. After he retreats, you can move forward, and you’ll split up from Aiko. You’ll find another shrine at this point.

Trek to Yomi

After a short cutscene, you’ll have your first fight with a bandit. Use what your sensei taught you to make short work of him. Fight through a few more bandits to find another shrine. From there, follow a villager around a corner to find the entrance to their home and a collectible. When the path turns, you’ll find a shrine and a health upgrade. Head into the house on the right to save a villager and then turn left to cross a bridge. You’ll fight several more bandits there and find another shrine. More fights lead to you saving a villager. The bandits on the next screen will surround you. After taking them out, you’ll soon reach another village area.

Kick down a gate to your right, and you’ll find an environmental interaction that lets you take out a group of foes. Climb down the ladder to find a group of villagers trying to secure a gate and a shrine. You’ll face several more enemies at this point and proceed into a house. The room on your left will have a stamina upgrade to grab. Head upstairs, and you’ll find a door on your left with several bandits inside. Save the villager from them, and she’ll give you a shuriken upgrade. You’ll also see a shrine outside. Proceed, and you’ll fight a few more bandits.

Trek to Yomi

Once you’ve taken them out, you’ll jump over a ledge and outside the city where you can take out the bandits trying to break into the town. Once they’re defeated, you’ll note that most bandits seem to be retreating, but there’s still no sign of your sensei. When the path splits, you can go to the right to find a shrine and a graveyard. Take out the enemies inside for a stamina upgrade and a collectible. Then, head back to the left for the last shrine of chapter 1.

You’ll proceed to have a fight against a boss that you can’t beat. Finally, finish your fight to end chapter 1.

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