Mighty Goose Gets One Last Epic Day at the Beach

Storm the Beaches in the Free Mighty Goose DLC


It shouldn’t be a surprise by now that I’m a fan of Mighty Goose. After all, I reviewed the game, and overall found it highly enjoyable. And while we’ve know for a while it was getting one batch of free DLC, I just recently found the time to sit down and try it out. The DLC has the goose fighting against an eco terrorist on the watery planet of Ceto. Your goal is to stop the Baron’s nefarious plans, with extreme prejudice.

Mighty Goose DLC | Paradise

First things first – Ceto is freaking gorgeous. It’s a water planet, meaning there’s a lot of sun, beaches and the usual associated fanfare. There’s also a lot of armed lunatics and angry mutants trying to ruin your beach day. I loved the visuals present in the Mighty Goose DLC, which isn’t unusual. The artwork is a huge reason I was originally drawn to the base game. But what’s especially impressive here is the music. Which isn’t to say the music in Mighty Goose was bad, but the tunes are just completely rocking in the DLC. So much so that I was really disappointed when I realized just how short this free adventure was.

Mighty Goose DLC | Generator

Now, in fairness, I was told going in that the DLC was short. But what I couldn’t believe was just how short. You can beat the DLC mission in under a half hour. That sounds short, and it was, but in a way it’s also pretty extensive. Because the DLC is all one continuous level, separated into different sections. First you storm the beaches, then you mount an underwater attack, and you finish it up at the Baron’s base of operations. The DLC even manages to fit in two boss fights, which is kind of impressive. The problem is, I still wanted much more.

Mighty Goose DLC | Mutant Seagulls

Don’t get me wrong, the DLC is just as fun and frenetic as fans would expect. But it’s also a bit unbalanced. There’s a couple sections where you have to jump over a watery expanse, shooting downwards in the hopes of hitting foes before their homing missiles do you in. I died repeatedly in these segments, mostly cause our heroic goose isn’t much of a swimmer. And it can also be surprisingly difficult to actually hit things underwater when you’re above it.

Mighty Goose DLC | Surf's Up

While I appreciate there being a couple of boss fights here, I don’t feel either of them are quite as epic as those featured in the main game. I appreciate the tubular gator that attacks you while surfing, and how the Baron has a couple different attack phases, but I remember much crazier boss fights in the main adventure. Fights that made my hands sweat and had me swearing at the screen. That’s not the case here. Which either means the bosses are more well balanced, or that they lack that special something. I’m honestly not sure.

Mighty Goose DLC | Under the Sea

I enjoyed the little diversions like piloting my yellow submarine (yes, really) to blow away turrets and enemy subs, but that section also lacked the special sauce I associate with the game. More than anything, I just was hoping they could have fit in a bit more content to this DLC. Admittedly it’s free, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make an impact. Hell, just splitting Ceto up into various smaller stages would have probably done the trick. And I really wish beating the DLC had any lasting impact. I would have loved unlocking a new ally for Mighty Goose or even a new piece of equipment. But if either is available, I missed it somehow.

Mighty Goose DLC | Boss 2

Ultimately, I’m still a fan of Mighty Goose, and I fervently hope it gets a bigger, crazier sequel some day soon. But this DLC just didn’t quite do the trick for me.

Mighty Goose DLC | Victorious

Josh Speer
Got my start in the industry at oprainfall, but been a game fanatic since I was young. Indie / niche advocate and fan of classics like Mega Man, Castlevania and Super Metroid. Enjoys many genres, including platformers, turn based / tactical RPGs, rhythm and much more. Champion of PAX West and Knight of E3.

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