Moon Knight Season 1: Gods and Monsters Review

Who Wants To Heal The World?

Moon Knight

None of these Disney+ shows yet have fully stuck the landing, with Loki probably coming the closest to date. Even the shows that try to do something interesting and different mostly seem to feel like they have to go back to being a generic Marvel project right at the end. Moon Knight ultimately doesn’t fall into these traps as badly as some of the other shows have, though you can definitely feel the pull of the MCU on it here at the end.

We start Gods and Monsters where the series’ fourth episode left off, with Marc shot through the chest, dead. Layla is still there in hiding, seemingly unknown to Arthur Harrow, but she can’t stand against the same men who killed Marc. But Harrow now has everything he needs to free Ammit and bring her justice to the world. After confirming Marc’s death, the best plan Layla has left is to try to hitch a ride in secret and sneak up on him.

Thankfully for her, the Goddess Taweret, still working with Marc and Steven to find a way to bring them back to the land of the living, stops her and gives her another idea to free Khonshu so they can potentially be revived. Thankfully for everyone, Harrow’s plan involves marching his whole crew right into the Temple of the Gods, the very place Khonshu is imprisoned, and he hasn’t realized Layla has snuck in with his crew.


You Are The Avatar That I Need


Moon Knight

While Layla tries to free Khonshu, Arthur Harrow pushes past the resistance of the other avatars as if they’re nothing. This seems odd, considering, in theory, they should have similar power to Moon Knight, yet they’re unable to offer the slightest challenge.

Arthur Harrow, meanwhile, faces a bit of a crisis of faith himself. Upon freeing Ammit, who takes on the form of an enormous crocodile, she reveals to him that his scales don’t balance. He had hoped his work for her would balance him out, but the problem isn’t what he has already done but rather what he will do in the future. While some might fight here, Harrow immediately assents to his own demise, seemingly truly believing in Ammit’s justice. She decides to delay his death, however, feeling he is what she needs at that time as an avatar. This seems to confuse Harrow initially, but he quickly gets over it. I would have loved to see him truly wrestle with his faith here, but it’s all handled so quickly.

Layla accomplishes her goal of freeing Khonshu, who, with Marc gone, offers her the role of avatar. However, she refuses, simply not trusting him, despite needing him at that moment.


It’s So Quiet


Moon Knight

Back on the other side, Marc has achieved balance and can go on to paradise, but despite Taweret’s urging, he can’t bring himself to leave Steven behind. He turns his back on paradise and goes back, giving a beautiful speech and seemingly dooming himself. Timely intervention from Osiris, however, frees the pair of them, allowing them to return to the land of the living now that Khonshu is around again and can restore to them the healing power of being the Moon Knight.

With everything going wrong that she can see, including Khonshu, being no match for Ammit in a straight fight, Layla finally agrees to become an avatar herself as well, though not for Khonshu. Instead, she decides to at least temporarily serve Taweret in a scene that is absolutely hilarious as Taweret’s bubbly personality comes through Layla. The resulting costume and powers are incredibly cool, possibly one of my favorites in the entire MCU.


Do Not Let The Pain Of The Past Control You


Moon Knight

Everything comes together in the traditional big MCU ending fight, or rather two of them, as we watch Moon Knight and Layla take on Harrow while Khonshu fights Ammit. To its credit, this is one of the better of these fights in recent times, certainly from the TV shows. It’s helped by some thematic strengths that apply to it, namely that we really get to see Steven and Marc, now at peace with each other and working in tandem, explore their new partnership. This has helped Steven be far more useful in a fight. Layla, too takes right to these new avatar abilities, perhaps a bit too easily. Still, watching her rock her wings is a great time, and the choreography here is excellent. Even the Moon Knight suit finally looks pretty good here. You can tell that a lot of the show’s budget was saved for these final episodes.

I’ll leave a bit of the ending of the series for you to see. Still, while it has supremely satisfying moments, it also feels a bit cheap thanks to a choice that feels borderline like a deus ex machina, even if it is probably set up throughout the series enough to avoid that label.


Are We Doing This Or Not?



Ultimately Moon Knight ends up being a satisfying series, thanks to a fantastic cast and compelling characters. Oscar Isaac is tremendous in both of his roles, while May Calamawy provides a wonderful foil as Layla.  F Murray Abraham provides Khonshu with just the right level of menace, while Ethan Hawke is a strong foe as Arthur Harrow. There are some issues throughout the series with poor CGI, weak fights, and pacing, but the characters always kept me invested and wanting to see what came next, and the final episodes, while not perfect, are the strongest in the series. They do an excellent job of showing true growth for our characters and setting up what comes next. If you’re on the fence about checking Moon Knight out, I ultimately give it a thumbs up.

Final Verdict: 4/5

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