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Moo Lander Review (PC)

Moo Lander Review: Mooving With Stride   Bovines – part of balanced breakfasts and savory suppers alike. While I see a plethora of these things on my drive to work every morning, the most memorable associations I can recall between cows and video games is either Diablo’s cow level…

Souldiers Review (Switch)

Souldiers Review: Postmortem Platforming Perfection     Generally speaking, I, as a reviewer, enjoy playing most of the video games that I review. I mean, that’s kind of the point, right? Why review video games at all if you’re not going to enjoy the actual “playing the video games”…

Return To Egypt As Assassin’s Creed Origins Soars Onto Game Pass

A Small But Strong Batch Microsoft’s first batch of Game Pass titles for June is on the smaller side for the service, but that isn’t surprising. With their big press conference coming up on June 12th, they’re likely saving their big guns for the second half of the month.…

Cotton Fantasy Review (Switch)

Cotton Fantasy Review: Peak Revival We’ve reached peak revival when even a series like Cotton, a fondly remembered but niche even in its day shmup, is getting a new entry for the first time in over 20 years, after a series of rereleases the last few years. That’s not…

WB Games Montréal Reportedly Cancel Release Of Gotham Knights In Russia

Decision Is Said To Be Motivated By Fallout Of Russia’s War With Ukraine WB Games Montréal have reportedly cancelled the Russian release of the highly anticipated Gotham Knights due to the ongoing war with Ukraine. The news comes from The Happy Warrior which claims sources at WB Games Montréal…
HPP Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download for 5/26/22

Order From Chaos   Well folks, it’s time for the last Nintendo Download of May, the Nintendo Download for 5/26/22. This one is a bit more interesting than last week’s. Also different from last week is the fact I’m not crippled by a head cold anymore, so hopefully this…

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