Comedy Stealth Game Justice Sucks Coming To Consoles And PC This Summer

Blood, Guts, and Cleaning

Justice Sucks tells the story of a murderous sentient vacuum cleaner on the quest for revenge and is coming to consoles and PC this summer.

Players will be able to enjoy ‘Tactical Vacuum Action’ in the newest game from Samurai Punk who previously gained attention for their VR title The American Dream. Justice Sucks was recently featured at PAX East this year and tells the story Dusty Mclean, a cute little vacuum, who goes on a blood-splattered quest to save his family after they’re kidnapped by a corporate enforcement squad.

Dusty finds himself trapped in a world inspired by 90s television and will have to sneak through levels, stalk his prey and use pretty grisly methods to dispatch them. Players can hack devices to drop ceiling fans on enemies, electrocute them and unlock Dusty’s fighting spirit Sexy Mclean by consuming the blood of his enemies.

There’s no firm release date currently but this looks like one to watch based on how absolutely bonkers the premise is. A demo of Justice Sucks is currently available to try out on Steam and the game has already received showcase awards in 2020. You can check out the trailer for Justice Sucks below.

Bobby is an all-around nerd and huge PlayStation fan. He's currently stumbling his way through life, which now involves writing about games on the internet. Not that he would change anything.

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