Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Winter Horns Waddle Dee Guide

Don’t Catch a Cold in Winter Horns


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After finishing up his time in Wondaria Remains, Kirby needs to head into the frigid depths of Winter Horns. The whole area is covered by snow and ice, and it looks like the aftermath of some apocalyptic action movie. There are giant buildings sinking into the water, frost-covered subways, and so much more to catch your eye. And while it’s not as pretty as the neon-lit nightmare of Wondaria Remains, there’s a lot to enjoy here. So put on a warm coat and join me for HPP’s Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Winter Horns Waddle Dee guide.

Winter Horns Stage 1: Northeast Frost Street


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Destroy 4 animal sculptures; Find the side alley; Reach the clock tower.

Northeast Frost Street just sounds like a cozy place to live, doesn’t it? Unfortunately for Kirby, it’s not quite so idyllic as he might hope. There are a lot of angry beasty boys, gun-toting lunatics, and shifting buildings to deal with. Luckily, it’s not too hard to find the hidden Waddle Dees here. But, first, Kirby needs to take out his frustration by destroying some artwork.

Northeast Frost Street | Sculpture 1

There are 4 animal sculptures hidden in Northeast Frost Street, and the first one is hidden in the opening area. It’s right behind the Ranger enemy, to the right. Take it out however you please.

Northeast Frost Street | Sculpture 2

Hidden right next to the first Warp Star is the second animal sculpture. It’s right by the tree. Blast it and fly to the next area.

Northeast Frost Street | Sculpture 3

The third sculpture is easy to miss. It’s at the start of the area with all the swaying buildings. Before you start climbing them, take the little staircase detour down to the well-hidden pile of snow.

Northeast Frost Street | Sculpture 4

The final sculpture is in the area with the staircases, near the top. Just waddle on over and put the frosty pup out of its misery.

Northeast Frost Street | Side Area 1

The side alley is really easy to find, so long as you don’t race through the level. It’s in the first part of the first area, before climbing up to the area with the vending machine. Look for a hidden alcove to your left.

Northeast Frost Street | Side Area 2

Keep walking left, and you’ll find a nice little area with loot and a sleeping Awoofie. Grab the coins and leave. That’s all you need to do to fulfill this mission.

Northeast Frost Street | Clock Tower

The final side mission is one of my favorites. First, you have to reach a clock tower that appears to be unreachable. But if you are careful, you can float over to it from behind the stage exit. Just go to the break in the fence and start hovering left, and you’ll make it there. Then ride the Warp Star that appears back to the exit, and voila!

Northeast Frost Street | Vending Location

Now, let’s catch some Waddle Dees, shall we? There are 4 total in this corner of Winter Horns. The first one will require the Vending Machine and some good aiming on your part. First, deal with the mad bombers to unlock the vending machine. Then transform and find the bomb block. Hit it with a can to open the path to the Waddle Dee.

Northeast Frost Street | Hidden Waddle 1

There are a couple angry penguins rolling snowballs in your way, but they’re nothing a flurry of soda cans can’t fix. So keep moving forwards and break the wall behind them to get your first Waddle Dee.

Northeast Frost Street | Challenge Trail

The second Waddle Dee is in a hidden challenge room. You’ll need Ranger to hit a target to open it to the left of this area. Just follow the coins, jump, and fire quickly.

Northeast Frost Street | Challenge Room

Once inside the room, use Ranger to hit the star switch. Then when the gate opens, hit the rapidly moving target.

Northeast Frost Street | Hidden Waddle 2

Once you succeed, a pathway opens to the next Waddle Dee.

Northeast Frost Street | Hidden Waddle 3

Towards the end of the section with the swaying buildings is a trio of angry penguins rolling snowy death balls. Behind them, inside the wall, is a bomb switch. Smash it to reveal the little Waddle.

Northeast Frost Street | Falling Staircase

For the final Waddle Dee, you’ll need a little help from Mouthful Mode staircase power. Above where you find the fourth animal sculpture is a staircase. You’ll need to transform, head left, and fall down.

Northeast Frost Street | Hidden Waddle 4

Then waddle right and look for some suspicious cracks. Smash through them with the staircase to reveal a Waddle guarded by a bull. Make short work of the bull, spit out the staircase, and climb up to claim your prize.

Winter Horns Stage 2: Metro on Ice


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Stand on top of 2 trains; Find 2 secret passages; Check inside the shipping container.

Metro on Ice might sound like a musical, but it’s more post-apocalyptic. Think of any movie where the elements turn against humanity, and this is what was left afterwards. It’s strangely beautiful and also dangerous. There are lots of areas Kirby cannot touch, otherwise, he’ll freeze and instantly die. And there are a lot of holes in your path. First off, Kirby has to be a tourist and jump a couple of trains.

Winter Horns | Train 1A

Both trains are helpfully in the same area. The first one is to the right after the second seal. Look for a platform with a Bomb walking on it. You can either destroy the bomb or gobble it up for later.

Winter Horns | Train 1B

Once you reach that platform, hover over and stand on the train for a second until the achievement registers.

Winter Horns | Train 2A

The next train is after the small battle arena you get locked in. Defeat all the foes, and make sure you grab a Hammer. Then walk a bit further and head left.

Winter Horns | Train 2B

Jump up, and there is another train for Kirby to mark as his own.

Metro on Ice | Secret Area 1

Now, hold onto your Hammer, since you’ll need it to find one of the secret areas. In the section with the falling icicles, look for star switches that need to be hammered. The second group of them will reveal a secret passage once you hit all three.

Metro on Ice | Secret Area 1B

Take note of this area, since you’ll find one of the Waddle Dees there later.

Metro on Ice | Secret Area 2

Barricades are no match for the floaty power of Kirby!

As for the second secret area, all you need is to find it. Look for a barricade on the right, and just jump over it.

Metro on Ice | Secret Area 2B

That will reveal an area with some lockers and enemies, as well as an Invincible Candy.

Metro on Ice | Container 1

Now, the shipping container mission will require you to have the traffic cone transformation. Walk over to the area with the moving wall of metal. Look for a crack in the floor, and smash it.

Metro on Ice | Container 2

This leads up to a hidden back area with a pipe. Burst it and follow the water up.

Metro on Ice | Container 3

Then move to the right, and you’ll find the shipping container with some cardboard boxes in front. Just smash them to fulfill this mission!

Metro Hidden | Waddle 1A

Now, the first Waddle Dee is at the end of the first area with the trains. You need to slam all 4 star switches there with the Hammer.

Metro Hidden | Waddle 1B

Then the floor will reveal a hole with the little guy inside.

Metro Hidden | Waddle 2A

Now, remember the area you revealed after finding the first secret area? Follow the stairs down, and you’ll be in a room with green crystals. You’ll just need to collect all of them.

Metro | Hidden Waddle 2B

Once you do, the little guy will be released from Waddle prison.

Metro | Hidden Waddle 3

The third Waddle is in the vertical section after the second secret area. He’s guarded by a bomb-throwing seal, but if you grabbed that Invincible Candy, he’s no match for you. Open the chest, and inside is another friend.

Metro Hidden | Waddle 4

The fourth and final Waddle Dee is unmissable if you went to the shipping container. He’s very visible on the route there, so just grab him.

Winter Horns Stage 3: Windy, Freezing Seas


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Find a cave that’s safe from the wind; Enjoy 3 meals at sea; Jump into the secret underground room.

Windy, Freezing Seas is a tricky Winter Horns stage. Mostly cause the wind likes pushing Kirby around, and it’s easy to miss some well-hidden side areas. But with our help, you shouldn’t have too much trouble navigating these stormy seas.

Freezing Seas | Cave 1A

Firstly, to reach that cave, you’ll need Needle. In the area after you Mouthful Pipe crash into the wall, you can actually go all the way left.

Freezing Seas | Cave 1B

If you want to be a monster, have Kirby ‘deal with’ these Awoofies…

But to beat the wind, you’ll have to Needle roll through, and then enter the cave full of goodies.

Freezing Seas | Ring Mouth

In the section with the boat and Ring-Mouth, you’ll find 3 meals as you glide around.

Freezing Seas | Meal 1

The first meal is right after you get on the boat.

Freezing Seas | Meal 2

Note I accidentally destroyed the destructible section before taking this screenshot.

The second is right before a destructible section near the angry seal.

Freezing Seas | Meal 3

The final meal is by the fan. Look for the group of happy orange psychopaths, and you’ll have a happy and full Kirby.

Freezing Winds | Lantern

For the hidden area, it’s in the last part of the stage with wind blowing Kirby forwards. Use Fire to light the two lanterns. Keep in mind the second is behind a wall of ice on the left.

Freezing Winds | Hidden Waddle 4

Follow the trails of coins. The first one will lead to a Waddle Dee.

Freezing Winds | Underground Room

The second trail will lead to a hole Kirby can jump inside. Now for the rest of the missions and capturing those hidden Waddle Dees!

Freezing Winds | Hidden Waddle 1

The very first Waddle Dee is found in the first area. Just turn into a pipe and roll through the wall to find him.

Freezing Winds | Hidden Waddle 2

The second one is right by where you found the final meal at sea. Just blow the fan to open the gate, and dog paddle on in.

Freezing Winds | Hidden Waddle 3A

The third Waddle is at the end of the boat section. Before climbing the ladder, look for a glowing spot. Touch it to reveal a pathway to the right.

Freezing Winds | Hidden Waddle 3B

Once you walk over, the camera will pan to reveal a icy wall. Use Fire to melt it away and save the Dee.

Freezing Winds | Hidden Waddle 5A

As for the final Waddle, he’s in the underground room. You’ll need fire to get to him. Light the fuse, and then transform into Scissor Lift and roll on over, careful not to touch the Gordo.

Freezing Winds | Hidden Waddle 5B

Extend and jump out to get into the cannon.

Freezing Winds | Hidden Waddle 5C

It’ll blow you up to a section with the final Waddle.

Winter Horns Stage 4: The Battle of Blizzard Bridge


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Remove 4 wanted posters; Beat Twin Wild Frosty without getting hit; Take a detour and find a Maxim Tomato.

The Battle of Blizzard Bridge is one of my favorite areas in the Winter Horns Waddle Dee guide. It’s full of mini-boss fights and some careful platforming. It’s also devious, sneaky, and fully of tricks. Case in point, the first mission we’re going after is the last one on the list – finding a Maxim Tomato.

Winter Horns Waddle Dee | Maxim Tomato 1

I’ll admit this is one of the rare occasions I had to look online for guidance. And once I figured out where the tomato hid, I was utterly flabbergasted. Because it’s right at the beginning of the stage. You need to jump over the rubble on your left and float high above it.

Winter Horns Waddle Dee | Maxim Tomato 2


Once you get over it, just keep walking, and you’ll find the hidden Maxim Tomato.

Now, as for the wanted posters, they’re all hidden in side rooms along with Waddle Dees. So we’re gonna combine those into larger sections for clarity’s sake.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Room 1A

The first hidden room takes place after the Wild Edge fight, so make sure you gobble up Sword, or hang onto Cutter from before the fight. To the left of the turkey is a hole in the wall. Walk on through.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Room 1B

Once you are in the room, cut the vine to release the Kraken…ahem, the traffic cone. Same thing. Go ahead and transform.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Room 1C

Maneuver using the moving platforms and get to the very bottom of the area. See that crack? Smash it.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Room 1D

That reveals a chest with the Waddle Dee hidden inside. But if you glance left, you’ll see the first wanted poster. Knock it down, grab the Dee and leave the area.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Area 2A

After you beat Fleurina, gobble up her Tornado and look to the right of the food. Enter the hole for the next hidden area.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Area 2B

Once inside, you’ll need to be on your toes. Kirby needs to tornado past the fan, and then enter the now unlocked room and hit the star switch, all in one go.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Area 2C

Leave the alcove with the switch and become a vending machine. Then run across the falling platforms to reach the area on the left. Break the shutter to get access.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Area 2D

Inside you’ll find the second hidden Waddle Dee. Don’t leave the area yet, though.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Area 2E

Look above the entrance and find some newly revealed blocks. Climb them to find the next wanted poster.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Area 3A

After dealing with Wild Bonkers and absorbing his Hammer, smash the giant Moai head. Behind him, you’ll find a switch to hammer, which opens another hidden door on the left. Walk on in.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Area 3B

Inside, you’ll find an angry hammer-throwing monkey, a switch to hammer, and a wanted poster. You know what to do. Once that switch is hammered, the clock will start ticking. Run to the left, climb up and transform into a car.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Area 3C

Race the clock heading right, and break through the gate to grab the next Waddle Dee.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Waddle 4

I’m just gonna be honest with you. It’s nearly impossible to get the next Waddle Dee without taking some damage. He’s right before the final mini-boss fight. You need to fall down, grab him, and then immediately puff back up. If you don’t time it perfectly, Kirby will freeze and respawn up top. So just do your best.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Area 4A

The final Waddle Dee and wanted poster are in a fourth hidden area after the final mini-boss.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Area 4B

When you can see the stage exit, head right equipped with Ice. Use it to deal with the flaming blocks and gain entry to the room.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Area 4C

Inside, use your icy breath to freeze the Moai head and knock him forwards. He’ll loop right and hit the start switch, raising a waterlogged platform.

Battle Bridge | Hidden Area 4D

Transform into a pipe, roll using the platform, and smash into the wall. Then just deal with the final wanted poster and grab your last Waddle.

Winter Horns | Twin Wild Frosty

Now, the final mission is a doozy. Beating Twin Wild Frosty is challenging enough, with two enraged walruses attacking you simultaneously. But doing so without taking damage is another thing entirely. I suggest going into the battle with Fire, and carefully dodging their charge attacks and projectiles. Once they get dizzy, burn them and let the progressive burn damage whittle away their health. If they try and hug you, run and dodge until they tire out, otherwise, you’ll take a ton of damage. And don’t be ashamed if this takes you a few tries, cause it took me a handful of attempts as well.

Winter Horns Boss Stage: An Unexpected Beast King


Missions – Clear the stage; Swallow King Dedede’s hammer; Clear without guarding; Clear within 1:30; Clear without taking any damage.

The first battle against King Dedede is no joke. He’s not currently his jolly self, and he wants nothing more than to destroy the pink puffball. And even if you go into the battle with the right copy ability, some of these missions might prove quite challenging.

Winter Horns | Waddle Dee Rare Stones

So before you even start the battle, I suggest grabbing 5 Rare Stones from Treasure Road stages and then going to Waddle Dee Town.

Winter Horns | Waddle Dee Fire Boost

There, upgrade the Fire ability to Volcano Fire. It makes your fiery attacks hit harder and faster, which is quite helpful. Okay, back to the battle against frosty Dedede.

Winter Horns | Waddle Dee King Dedede

Once properly equipped, he’s hard but not unbeatable. Just keep dodging past his attacks (which incidentally fulfills the third mission) and don’t let up. After you get to the midway point of the battle, you can gobble up his Hammer. The second half Dedede swings around a giant column and uses ever more complex attack combos. Just do your best to keep dodging and attacking, and he’ll eventually go down for the count.

There you have HPP’s Winter Horns Waddle Dee guide. We hope you find this journey through the frost and snow helpful. And be sure to join us in the desert next time for our Originull Wasteland guide!

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