Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Wondaria Remains Waddle Dee Guide

Grab a Ticket and Ride a Ride at Wondaria Remains


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While the first two Kirby and the Forgotten Land guides I wrote for HPP, for Natural Plains, and for Everbay Coast, were entertaining areas, this next guide is a bit extra special. It’s the third world in the game, called Wondaria Remains. It’s a derelict amusement park full of dangerous contraptions, colorful neon lights, and all sorts of silly surprises. And I frankly love it to death. So let’s see some sights and wrangle some ducklings.

Wondaria Remains Stage 1: Welcome to Wondaria


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Help the lost ducklings find their mama; Enjoy the view from the top of the rocket; Make all the wilted flowers bloom.

I knew I loved Wondaria Remains when one of the missions involved rescuing lost ducklings and returning them to their mother. I didn’t realize that at first, and was curious why the little buggers were following me around, but quickly figured it out. The good news is, that all the ducklings in Welcome to Wondaria are in the opening area, so keep your eyes peeled.

Welcome to Wondaria | Duckling 1

You almost can’t miss the first duckling, just standing there on the stairs.

Welcome to Wondaria | Duckling 2

The second one is a bit better hidden, but only if you’re not trying to collect everything shiny. He’s right there next to the star coins underneath the sign.

Welcome to Wondaria | Duckling 3

Duckling the third is to the left of the popcorn vendor.

Welcome to Wondaria | Duckling 4

The fourth one is to the left of where you found the first duckling, near the staircase and the hedge.

Welcome to Wondaria | Duckling 5

And the final duckling is actually decently well hidden. He’s on top of the hedge in the center of the area. Just float over to him, and he’ll come running. Once you have them all, safely take them to their waiting mother, and you’ll fulfill the mission.

Wondaria Remains | Rocket

Lord of all he surveys…

Now, the rocket mission evaded me the first couple of times I played the stage. Then I realized it wasn’t late in the level, but really early. It’s in the same area you find the ducklings in! Just wander over to the structure in the center, and float jump up to the top of the rocket, and you’ll get your prize.

As for the wilted flowers, they’re pretty late in the level, close to the exit. There are two areas that have them, and you can’t progress until you water most of them.

Wondaria Remains | Wilted 1

Here’s the first room with wilted flowers. Just use water balloon Kirby to spray them full of life-saving nutrients.

Wondaria Remains | Wilted 2

Now the second room is also easy to find, with one exception. One of the flowers remains hidden until you clean up the mud from the rest of the room. Once you do, a hidden panel will reveal itself.

Wondaria Remains | Wilted Final

Jiggle down and spray it to fulfill the mission. Now let’s find some hidden Waddle Dees.

Welcome to Wondaria | Hidden Waddle 1

The first one is in the muddy area with all the fast-moving animatronics. Find the star switch to the left, and then run to the Waddle Dee once the clock starts ticking. I suggest using Ice Kirby so he can skate over the mud without slowing, but just get there quickly however you choose.

Welcome to Wondaria | Switch to Coaster

At the end of this area is a hidden star switch in a vertical section with rockets flying by in a trio. Time it right and hit the switch to open a hidden doorway to the right. Climb up that ladder and enter for a room with a new Mouthful Mode transformation – Coaster Mouth!

Welcome to Wondaria | Coaster Mouth

Ride the rail and keep a lookout for the two star switches, making sure to swing into them as you pass. The first is on the right, and the second is on the left.

Welcome to Wondaria | Coaster Dee

Once you’ve activated both, a door will open to reveal another hidden Waddle Dee at the end of the course. If you miss one, just use the Blue Warp Star to retry it.

Welcome to Wondaria | Hidden Waddle 3

The third Waddle Dee is in the section with the spinning purple structures. Hit the star switch to reveal him, and just float on over.

Welcome to Wondaria | Hidden Waddle 4

The fourth and final Waddle Dee is in the area with the wilted flowers. Clear all the gunk off, and he’ll pop out of the manhole.

Wondaria Remains Stage 2: Circuit Speedway


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Reach the first race’s goal within 20 seconds; Defeat Wild Edge using an Invincible Candy; Boost through the cardboard shortcuts.

In Circuit Speedway, Kirby gets his Mario Kart on. I’m fine with that, and enjoy racing around as a car. But the fact remains that this stage has one of the most annoying to fulfill missions in the game. And we’re going to cover that one first.

In the first race, you’ll get a hidden Waddle Dee for beating it in 25 seconds or less. But that takes a lot of effort, and more so if you’re trying to beat that race in 20 seconds or less. My frustration with this mission is that even if you race like a champion, you can still be too slow. So here’s my gimmicky way to beat it fast enough, and I admit I found inspiration for this online.

Circuit Speedway | Hidden Waddle 1

So while normally you’d transform into a car and just smash through the course, bear with me. Instead, you want to run as Kirby past the starting line and destroy EVERYTHING in your path. Boxes, foes, let nothing withstand Kirby’s wrath. The reason being, charging through foes and objects as a car shaves precious seconds off the clock, and you’ll need them all to beat it fast enough. So after your rampage, just return to the starting line, transform into the car and drive. And just to be extra cautious, try and jump onto the raised stacks of tires to shave a few more seconds off the clock. It’ll add up, and you should have finished this brutally difficult mission in the nick of time.

Circuit Speedway | Bomb Challenge Switch

In the area with all the rolling bombs, transform into Bomb Kirby and get ready to bowl. First, you’ll need to hit a moving star switch to unlock a path to a challenge room.

Circuit Speedway | Hidden Waddle 2

Once inside, you need to carefully roll another bomb to hit a star switch, and then race to the Waddle Dee before the gate closes.

Circuit Speedway | Invincible Candy

Before you run back out, climb the hidden ladder up top to find an Invincible Candy. You’ll need that for the next mission.

Circuit Speedway | Wild Edge

Once you grab that Invincible Candy, drop down and exit. Then run down to the exit in the previous room, and race up onto the dais to challenge Wild Edge. Just crash into him a couple of times, and he’ll be down for the count.

Circuit Speedway | Shortcut 1

Now, while I hated the first race’s optional mission, the second race’s mission was a lot of fun.

Circuit Speedway | Shortcut 2

I swear this is an actual shortcut!

You just need to be on the lookout for cardboard shortcuts to ram through. Doing so not only fulfills the mission, but it makes it that much more likely Kirby will get the gold, unlocking another Waddle Dee! And if you screw up, just use the retry star, and you should be good to go.

Circuit Speedway | 2nd Race Dee

As for the last Waddle Dee, he’s well hidden in an unusual spot. After you beat Wild Edge, steal his Sword. Then before exiting to the next area, look for a grassy patch to the right of the bunnies. Slash it away to reveal a hidden vent. Walk through and find the last Waddle Dee!

Circuit Speedway | Final Dee

Wondaria Remains Stage 3: Invasion at the House of Horrors


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Clear without touching any Ghost Gordos; Eat 3 of the ghost’s hidden snacks; Destroy 13 aliens by using Vending Mouth.

Now we’ve reached not only my favorite stage in Wondaria Remains, but one of my favorite stages in Kirby and the Forgotten Land! It’s a twisted funhouse full of gimmicky cardboard aliens, neon-lit passages, and hidden walls. You never know what to expect here, and it’s really just fantastic.

House of Horrors | Ghost Gordo

Nothing to see here, Gordo…

Firstly, the Ghost Gordo mission. They’re only in the dark room where Kirby turns into a lightbulb, and they’re drawn to his light. But you don’t have to constantly hold the light on, and can instead use flashes of light to navigate. I recommend doing just that. Also, if you stop shining any light after a Ghost Gordo is on your trail, they’ll wander back to their starting location. Just be careful, and you should get this mission without any problems.

Next, Kirby’s never met a snack he won’t eat. But this may be the first time he’s stolen food from a ghost! There are several bands of them that will attack Kirby without warning. Usually, their snacks are located close by.

Wondaria Remains | Ghost Snack 1

Here’s the first snack, in an area after the second cardboard alien.

Wondaria Remains | Ghost Snack 2

The next snack is near the exit of the lightbulb section, over to the left.

Wondaria Remains | Ghost Snack 3

And the final snack is over to the right after fighting off a huge mob of ghosts. The things Kirby does for delicious cake…

Wondaria Remains | Cardboard Nemesis

As for the cardboard alien mission, it’s in the final section of the stage. Just make sure you trigger all the false walls to fall down and leap to safety, cause the last one reveals a Vending Machine. Transform accordingly, and as you stand on the moving platform, hurl vending death at the cardboard aliens. If you don’t miss any, you’ll get the achievement.

House of Horrors | Hidden Waddle 1

Now for those Waddle Dees. The first one is in a hidden path near the first exit. Instead of taking the exit, turn right and find a moving target. Hit it when Waddle Dee is shown, and he’ll appear in the flesh.

House of Horrors | Hidden Waddle 2

The second Waddle is to the left in the dark room. Look for the staircase and climb it to find a challenge room. Inside, you’ll need Cutter to get the Waddle Dee. Throw it through the hole in the fence, hold it there, and run to the left. Once Waddle is shown, unleash it to reveal another real Waddle Dee.

House of Horrors | Hidden Coin Path

To find the third one, look for a coin that denotes a hidden path near the exit of the dark room.

House of Horrors | Hidden Waddle 3

Follow it as Lightbulb Kirby, and then carefully sneak past the Gordos. Use the bulb to activate the machine and reveal the Waddle Dee.

House of Horrors | Hidden Waddle 4

For the last one, stay to the left on the second platform near the end of the stage. Use the Vending Machine to smash everything and then touch the Waddle Dee as you race by.

Wondaria Remains Stage 4: The Wondaria Dream Parade


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Help the lost ducklings find their mama; Remove Elfilin’s wanted poster; Clear without stepping on any mud.

The Wondaria Dream Parade is like night at a theme park gone horribly wrong. Don’t mistake me, it’s a gorgeous level. But those parading animatronics can put the hurt on poor Kirby, even steamrolling him flat. But so long as you respect them and time it right, you should do fine. First, let’s save some more ducklings.

Much like in Welcome to Wondaria, the ducklings here are all in the same area. Better yet, all these ducklings are sitting plain as day on benches! The only tough part is the animatronics. If they touch the ducklings, they’ll freak out and scatter, forcing Kirby to move them to safety.

Dream Parade | Duckling 1

The first duckling is on this bench here.

Dream Parade | Duckling 2


The next one is to the left, plainly visible from the first duckling’s location.

Dream Parade | Duckling 3

Number three is to the right and towards the screen a bit.

Dream Parade | Duckling 4

The fourth is sleeping on a bench next to this bozo.

Dream Parade | Duckling 5

And the last one is to the right of where the mama duckling is resting. Just deal with the foe next to him and take them all home to mama.

Dream Parade | Muddy Mess

Now, the next two missions are both in the same area. It’s the really muddy area full of neon triangles and Tornado foes. To avoid touching the mud, just fly over it.

Dream Parade | Elfilin's Poster

For Elfilin’s poster, it’s near the end of that area. You need to get up behind the parading UFOs, and attack the poster on the left wall before you get flattened by one of them.

Now all that’s left is finding those helpless Waddle Dees.

Dream Parade | Hidden Waddle 1

The first one is over a spikey pit before the first exit door. Just hover over and grab him.

Dream Parade | Challenge Room

In the muddy room, two Waddle Dees are hidden. The first is in a challenge room patrolled by a bunch of angry robots, shown above.

Dream Parade | Race Shortcut

Once inside, you need to do a little trick. See, to get the second Waddle Dee, you need to beat the race in less than 6 seconds. Which is fast even by Car Kirby standards. But there’s also a not-so-hidden traffic cone in the same area. Use it to break the cracks in the floor, which reveals a star switch. Hitting it opens up a nifty shortcut.

Dream Parade | Hidden Waddle 2

Take it, and the race is a breeze. Now go and grab your golden trophy!

Dream Parade | Hidden Waddle 3

Before you leave the muddy room, look carefully. You can just make out a tower to the right. Tornado over, and you’ll get another Waddle Dee.

Dream Parade | Hidden Waddle 4

To get the fourth Waddle Dee, you’ll need to make Kirby a water balloon. Once you’re jiggly and ready, spray water to smash the parading robots through the cracked wall. Once you reveal the Waddle Dee, break the wall one more time to get a blueprint as well.

Dream Parade | Hidden Waddle 5

The last one is in the final part of the stage, with Kirby running towards the screen and parading robots trying to murder him. Look for a star switch on the right and trip it. That’ll reveal the path to the hidden Waddle Dee on the left.

Wondaria Remains Boss Stage: Danger under the Big Top


Missions – Clear the stage; Hit high-up Clawroline using Ranger; Defeat without hovering; Clear within 1:30; Clear without taking any damage

Wondaria Remains | POed Clawroline

I’m just gonna say it – Clawroline is a very naughty kitty. She may not look like much, since she’s much tinier than Gorimondo or Tropic Woods, but she can put up a hell of a fight. She’s fast, likes to use multi-part attack combos, dashes forward unexpectedly, and can even generate shockwaves in a pinch. Which might make it sound difficult to defeat her without hovering, but here’s the thing – Kirby’s dodge is amazing. And by putting it to good use, you’ll not only make short work of Clawroline, but can easily fulfill that mission.

For the Ranger mission, just wait until the second half of the battle. When she jumps up high, charge and aim for her, and let loose. It just takes one solid hit. As for clearing the battle quickly and without taking damage, it might sound counterproductive, but the Sword is your best friend. By dodging well, you’ll open up lots of opportunities to slash her, and can easily beat her in time. And once you recognize her tells, it’s much easier to beat her without taking any damage.

And there you have it, my Wondaria Remains Waddle Dee Guide. Thanks for checking out HPP’s Kirby guides, and tune in later this month for even more of them.

Josh Speer
Got my start in the industry at oprainfall, but been a game fanatic since I was young. Indie / niche advocate and fan of classics like Mega Man, Castlevania and Super Metroid. Enjoys many genres, including platformers, turn based / tactical RPGs, rhythm and much more. Champion of PAX West and Knight of E3.

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