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Cruise the Beach with HPP’s Everbay Coast Waddle Dee Guide


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HPP’s second Kirby and the Forgotten Land guide is for the scenic shores of Everbay Coast. There are lots of beaches, glittering waters, and dangerous foes. Not to mention some well-hidden Waddle Dees. But thanks to our Everbay Coast Waddle Dee guide, you won’t be wondering how to rescue all of them.

Everbay Coast Stage 1: Abandoned Beach


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Crack open 3 Knock-Knock Nuts; Destroy the animal sand sculpture; Complete the sign on the rooftop.

Everbay Coast starts to mix up the Waddle Dee missions a bit more. Not only will you have to go on scavenger hunts to find some of them, but these stages also include some timed challenges. The Abandoned Beach isn’t all that tough, but it does have some sneaky missions. The first one you should probably aim for is finding and cracking open 3 Knock-Knock Nuts.

Everbay Coast | Knock Nut 1

The first two Knock-Knock Nuts are plainly visible in the stage’s first area. Numero uno is to the left of where you start, by the floating enemy and the pile of crates. Just use a copy ability or a few poofs of Kirby’s breath to pop the Nut open, and feel free to gobble up what’s inside.

Everbay Coast | Knock Nut 2

The second Knock-Knock Nut is at the beach with the Warp Star. Before you jump on it, look near the palm tree and destroy it.

Everbay Coast | Knock Nut 3

The final Knock-Knock Nut is right before the end of the stage. When you’re riding the boat using Kirby’s Ring-Mouth transformation, you can find an area to the right guarded by a gator. Just crash through, and make sure to destroy the floating Nut.

Abandoned Beach | Animal Sculpture

The animal sculpture isn’t too hard to find. Just don’t run through the gate until you’ve walked a bit to the right, and you’ll find it. Smash it however you see fit to fulfill another mission.

Everbay Coast | Complete the Sign

I admit the sign mission gave me some trouble until I looked at the stage more carefully. When you walk past the neon sign, you’ll find the Mouthful Mode Ring-Mouth transformation. Just walk back up to the hole in the sign, and you’ll finish that mission. As for what the sign actually says, I couldn’t rightfully say.

Abandoned Beach | Hidden Waddle 1

As for the Abandoned Beach’s hidden Waddle Dees, you’ll need the Hammer to access two of them. So steal it from Bonkers after you wipe the floor with him, and hold onto it. Then climb up a ladder and smack the switch down with it to find the first Waddle Dee. It’s in the same area with the animal sculpture.

Abandoned Beach | Hidden Waddle 2

The second Waddle Dee is a bit trickier to find. In the next area, swim safely past the foes and whirlpools, and keep your eyes peeled for a sleeping Awoofie. He’s resting on a rocky staircase. Climb up it, and smack the next switch, then follow it to the newly opened challenge room. Once inside, just smack the switch. The clock will start running, and you’ll have a limited amount of time to reach the Waddle Dee before the crow carries him away. Just don’t stop moving forwards, smashing anything in your path, and you’ll do fine.

Abandoned Beach | Hidden Waddle 3

The final Waddle Dee is also a little tricky. Once you’ve accessed the boat by using Ring-Mouth to spin the 2nd fan, meander to the left of the exit area. You’ll find a cracked wall. Break through with your Ring-Mouth transformation, and you’ll discover a secret grotto full of foes and a Waddle Dee. Deal with the baddies (don’t worry, the gators can’t stop Ring-Mouth Kirby) and save the little guy, and you’ve officially finished Abandoned Beach!

Everbay Coast Stage 2: Concrete Isles


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Greet 3 sea birds; Make landfall on the isle of treasure; Dig up a Maxim Tomato.

I really love Concrete Isles. Mostly because it’s a stage that shows off the 3D artistry present in the game. This stage is technically only composed of two sections, but they’re both huge, and you’re free to explore at your own pace. This is also a stage that introduces collecting colored diamonds to reveal hidden Waddle Dees, which is fun. You can pretty much use whatever Copy Abilities you want to start, but you’ll eventually need the Drill to find most of the hidden Waddles.

Everbay Coast | Seagull 1

First, though, Kirby has to harass some seagulls! Yes, you fulfill a mission by doing that, which is a win-win in my book. All three seagulls are in the first area. You just have to swim around until you find them and then either touch or attack them. The first seagull is right by the start of the stage, just minding its own business.

Everbay Coast | Seagull 2

The second seagull is past the section with the green diamonds, and before the section with the orange ones.

Everbay Coast | Seagull 3

The seagull is just in front of the gray structure to the left here. To the right, all aboard to the isle of treasure!

As for the last seagull, it’s right before the Warp Star. Just dog paddle a bit, and you’ll find it. Also, using this screenshot, you can get a good glimpse of another mission – the isle of treasure.

Everbay Coast | Isle of Treasure

I admit the isle of treasure threw me for a bit, until I was swimming around, and it appeared like some wonderful mirage. To reach it, you just need to jump above the cables shown in the picture above, and then you’re on the right track. Once you pickpocket all the loot and save the hidden Waddle Dee, jump on the orange Warp Star to return Kirby where he started.

Concrete Isles | Maxim Tomato

As for digging up the Maxim Tomato, it’s right by the stage exit. It’s in the section with all the cannons firing at you. You’ll need the Drill, and then you can dig in the patch of dirt, and voila.

Concrete Isles | Hidden Waddle 1

Now, we already showed one of the hidden Waddle Dees on the isle of treasure, but the other three require a bit of work. In fact, all three require you to collect sets of colored diamonds to reveal them. The first one takes 5 green diamonds, and you can use any Copy Ability you want to gather them, or none if you’re feeling brave. Once you get them all, the conveyor will drag the poor guy out of the water.

Concrete Isles | Hidden Waddle 2

The second Waddle Dee is revealed after you collect 5 orange diamonds. To do so, you’ll need the Drill as well as the Scissor-Lift Mouthful Mode transformation. Just dig in all the patches and then use the lift to reach the final patch to dig up a diamond. Then another conveyor will drag up a Dee just for you.

Concrete Isles | Hidden Waddle 3

The last Waddle Dee is in the second area. You’ll still need the Drill to collect most of the green diamonds. Then you’ll find a suspicious star-shaped patch of dirt. Dig it up, and you’ll warp to a side area with a Pipe Mouth transformation. Roll and leap over the gap to gather the other diamonds, then the Waddle Dee will be released below you.

Everbay Coast Stage 3: Scale the Cement Summit


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Remove 3 wanted posters; Avoid the spikes in the secret room; Freeze Fleurina with an Ice ability.

The Cement Summit is a much more focused stage. You’re constantly climbing and fighting your way to the top. But other than that, it’s not too difficult. In fact, this is one of the easier stages, as far as how easy it is to find the Waddle Dees. First, though, let’s tackle those wanted posters.

Cement Summit | Wanted Poster 1

You really can’t miss the first one, it’s at the top of the section after you climb the first ladder. Watch out for cannon fire and gordos as you climb. Then just poof the poster away or deal with it using a Copy Ability.

Cement Summit | Wanted Poster 2

The next one is in the section after the mini-boss. You need to head to the left, and it’s in the area by the pool of water.

Cement Summit | Wanted Poster 3

The last one is by the stage exit. If you meander to the right, you can just see the corner of it. You know what to do.

Everbay Coast | Frozen Fleurina

To freeze Fleurina, you’ll need Ice and a bit of luck. The graceful swan moves pretty fast, and can even break free of Kirby’s frostbite. The best time to try and freeze her is when she starts throwing individual tornados at you. Just dodge out of their way and keep up the pressure, and you’ll have an ice sculpture in no time. If she still gives you trouble, evolve your Ice ability first at Waddle Dee Town and return to the level to finish the job.

Cement Summit | Spikes

As for the spike mission, it’s incredibly easy. It’s in the hidden challenge room near the second wanted poster. Just make sure you have Tornado equipped, and fly over the pit, hitting each switch in the process. Not only will this fulfill one mission, but it also unlocks a thankful Waddle Dee.

Cement Summit | Hidden Waddle 2

Here’s how to find the other Waddle Dees in Cement Summit.

Cement Summit | Hidden Waddle 1

The first one is in the section with the ladders and cannons. Wander over to the left and climb down, then rip the locker off its hinges to reveal the little guy.

Cement Summit | Hidden Waddle 3

The next one is a bit tricky. You have to hit a star switch to reveal him, and then race against the clock to get him in time. Make sure you have Tornado, and then fly like the wind.

Cement Summit | Hidden Waddle 4

As for the last Waddle Dee, it’s in the flying section with the Arch-Mouth transformation. As you fly around, aim right and look for a cracked wall. Spin to smash through, and you’ll find him hovering in mid-air. I don’t think finding him requires going through all the hoops, but do so just to be on the safe side.

Everbay Coast Stage 4: Fast-Flowing Waterworks


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Eat 3 tins of fish; Win the battle without falling in the water; Find the golden fish

This is a stage that really lives up to its name, and you’ll do well to float over anything dangerous. But don’t be afraid to swim in the water, since many of the missions require just that.

Waterworks | Sardines 1

The tins of fish aren’t too hard to find. The first one is located near the end of the first area. Look for a glowing spot on the right, then trigger it to reveal the delicious morsel.

Waterworks | Sardines 2

In the staircase room, first, flip the star switch near the seal. That will bring up a bridge. Use it to navigate the staircase so you can climb up to the burning blocks, and use Ice to freeze them and reveal the sardines.

Waterworks | Sardines 3

The last one is in the large open area after the staircase puzzle room. Before you trigger the star switch and proceed to the next watery area, look for the tin floating around the giant whirlpool, and snag it.

Everbay Coast | Golden Fish

There’s my golden beauty!

To find the golden fish, it’s both incredibly easy and crazy difficult. Because the little guppy is very tiny. Luckily, they’re not hidden in one of the parts of the stage with fast-flowing water. No, you find them in a little pond in the staircase room. Just give them a poke, and you’re golden.

Waterworks | Battle Royale

Now, winning the battle royale without falling into the water is easier said than done. There are lots of enemies that are aquatic in this area, and there’s only a narrow walkway for Kirby to move around. My best suggestion is to go armed with Bombs, and toss them at the foes. Thankfully, your bombs can float, so it’s just a matter of tricking foes into hitting them. Just try not to fall, and if you do, quickly hover back up to fulfill this mission.

Waterworks | Hidden Waddle 1

The first Waddle Dee is easy to miss if you’re not careful. As you float through the first area, he’s in the central pipe. Just ignore the other stuff and head right towards him.

Waterworks | Hidden Waddle 2

The second Waddle is hidden in a challenge room. To access it, just hit the really obvious bomb block, then follow it to the newly opened section. Inside, you’ll need to use the Ring-Mouth transformation to navigate a boat to the Waddle in time. To do so, first go right, then left, and then center through the cracks in the wall. Then just blow those gators away and grab your prize.

Waterworks | Hidden Waddles 3 and 4

The next Waddle Dees are a group deal, and both are in the staircase room. Just use two staircases to trip all the star switches at once, and the gate will open up.

Waterworks | Hidden Waddle 5

As for the last one, he’s in the room beyond the 3rd tin of fish. Look for a series of switches to reveal platforms leading to the Waddle Dee, and just climb them.

Everbay Coast Boss Stage: The Tropical Terror


Missions – Clear the stage; Destroy Tropic Woods’s roots; Clear without using a Copy Ability; Clear within 2:00; Clear without taking any damage.

Everbay Coast | Tropic Woods

I’m not sure I’d call Tropic Woods a terror. In many ways, the tropical cousin to Whispy Woods is very laid back, and easier to deal with than Gorimondo. But he’s not so easy you can breeze through these missions. In fact, beating him without taking any damage is surprisingly challenging, given his propensity to drop fruit on your head unexpectedly and attack you with sudden gusts of wind and root growth.

I really enjoyed beating him without using any Copy Abilities. All you need to do is dodge carefully, since he’ll provide plenty of stars for Kirby to spit back at him. As for beating Tropic Woods quickly, use Fire and just blaze through him. He’ll keep taking damage even when you’re not spiting flames, which is helpful. He’s not all that hard, though.

There you have it! HPP’s Everbay Coast Waddle Dee guide for Kirby and the Forgotten Land! Stay tuned for the guides for later worlds in this exciting Kirby adventure.

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