Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Natural Plains Waddle Dee Guide

HPP Helps You Find All the Waddle Dees in Natural Plains In Kirby and the Forgotten Land


Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Natural Plains Waddle Dee Guide

As I played through the latest Kirby and the Forgotten Land, I realized folks might appreciate a helping hand locating the many kidnapped Waddle Dees. So I’m gonna make a guide for each world, starting with World 1, Natural Plains. This guide will not only have images of the hidden Waddle Dees in each stage of Natural Plains, but will also showcase the locations of key items or landmarks necessary to unlock the other Waddle Dees. The only Waddle Dees I won’t bother showing are the ones you’re guaranteed to rescue at the end of each stage. With that said, here’s my Natural Plains Waddle Dee Guide to help you find all those little buggers.

Natural Plains Stage 1: Downtown Grassland


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Make 5 tulips bloom; Break the building’s shutter; Ride the spewing water up to the balcony

As Downtown Grassland is the first stage, it’s not too hard to find all the Waddle Dees. I’m not saying it’s impossible to miss some, but it takes real effort. That said, below, you’ll find the locations of all 5 tulips you need to make bloom. All it requires is touching them.

Natural Plains | Tulip 1

The first one is immediately visible after you start the stage.

Natural Plains | Tulip 2

The second is a bit farther in the same area. All you need to do is hit the switch, grab the cake and then run to the left, where you’ll find the hidden flower.

Natural Plains | Tulip 3

The third tulip is in the area with the Cone Mouth transformation after the first Warp Star. Just check the left corner before proceeding too far between the dueling cannons.

Natural Plains | Tulip 4

The fourth tulip is in the area after the second Warp Star. Ignore the turtle and look over to the right by the tree.

Natural Plains | Tulip 5

And the final one is in the derelict building. Just defeat the bull there and search behind where it was for the last one.

Natural Plains | Shutter

To get the “Break the building’s shutter” mission, you honestly can’t miss it. Once you get the Vending Machine transformation, you have to break the shutter to get to the rest of the stage. Just do so, and voila.

Natural Plains | Spewing Pipe

As for the spewing water Waddle Dee, it’s in the area after the dueling cannons, a bit to the right. You’ll find a cracked pipe. All you have to do is Cone Mouth smash it, then ride it up to the balcony. Easy peasy.

Downtown Grassland | Hidden Waddle 1

For the hidden Waddle Dees, the first one is unmissable. You’ll get him right after the mini-boss fight.

Downtown Grassland | Hidden Waddle 2

The second one is in the area right after riding the 2nd Warp Star. Just get past the bull and friends, climb up the ladder, and Mouthful Mode to rip the top off the circular contraption.

Downtown Grassland | Hidden Waddle 3

As for the last one, it’s hidden under a turtle. Just climb up the ladder, slash the entangled cone down to earth, and then smash the turtle with Cone Mouth, and you’ve gotten them all.

Natural Plains Stage 2: Through the Tunnel


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Find the secret room; Light 4 lantern switches; Remove the wanted poster

I’m just gonna say this – there’s a reason one of the first copy abilities you find in Through the Tunnel is Fire. You’ll need that for the Lantern Switch achievement, as well as accessing some hidden rooms via cannon.

Natural Plains | Lantern Switch 1

The first lantern switch is in the opening area, right before the doorway to the right. Just light it up, and if you want, you can follow the coin trail to the bomb block to get some star coins.

Natural Plains | Lantern Switch 2

The second lantern switch is in the 2nd area to the left. Once activated, it’ll make a neat arrow out of star coins.

Natural Plains | Lantern Switch 3

The third one is a bit farther in the same area, to the right of a locked gate.

Natural Plains | Lantern Switch 4

The 4th lantern switch is a bit farther, still in the same area. It’s surrounded by flying Gordos.

Through the Tunnel | Hidden Waddle 1

Past the first checkpoint, find the Mouthful Mode transformation, rip off the top and activate the switch. Then follow it to achieve the secret room achievement as well as discovering the first hidden Waddle Dee. Just deal with the Awoofies, then claim your prize.

Through the Tunnel | Hidden Waddle 2

The second Waddle Dee can only be found once you activate the 4th lantern switch. Follow the trail up and around, hit the star switch, and the blocks will reveal the little guy.

Through the Tunnel | Hidden Waddle 3

Waddle Dee Number Three is in the area with the first cannon. Light the fuse and run to the cannon, then once you shoot upwards through some blocks, he’ll be in the background.

Through the Tunnel | Hidden Waddle 4

To find the fourth and final hidden Waddle Dee, just light the fuse and use the staircase to reach the second cannon. Then open the middle chest at the top to find him.

Through the Tunnel | Wanted Poster

As for the wanted poster, it’s in the area with the Mouthful Mode Staircase transformation. Keep shuffling towards the end, and before the 2nd cannon, you’ll find a poster with an X. Spit out the stairs, climb up and smash it.

Natural Plains Stage 3: Rocky Rollin’ Road


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Find the side road while going uphill; Eat snacks off 3 tree stumps; Drive without falling off the edge.

The missions in this stage are pretty easy, I only missed one my first time through. That said, you’ll have to pay attention and not go too fast if you want to find all the Waddle Dees.

Natural Plains | Stump Snack 1

For the first snack, it’s right there in the opening area, past the Ranger enemy. You’ll probably want to gobble up his power if you don’t already have Ranger equipped.

Natural Plains | Stump Snack 2

The second snack is right up the ladder from the first one, almost impossible to miss.

Natural Plains | Stump Snack 3

Got milk?

The third snack is the tricky one. After going uphill and before going downhill, you’ll find a stump but no snacks. If you pay attention, right before it is a glowing spot. Touch it, and the snack will appear.

Rocky Road | Side Road 1

To find the side road, first head left as you run uphill. You’ll find a glowing spot. Touch it and then just follow the coins, keep walking right and climb the ladder.

Rocky Road | Hidden Waddle 1

The first hidden Waddle Dee requires the Ranger to find him. Run past the boulders and shoot the target to explode the blocks hiding him.

Rocky Road | Hidden Waddle 2

Number two is in a hidden challenge room. Once you’re uphill, head left. In the area with a ranger and a floating target, first hit the target to reveal the door. Inside, you’ll have to shoot several targets before they fly away. Once you’re successful, Waddle Dee will show up.

Rocky Road | Hidden Waddle 3

As you race downhill with boulders chasing you, don’t forget to hit the star switch. Doing so will reveal a Waddle Dee by a bench in front of you.

Rocky Road | Hidden Waddle 4

For this stage’s final Waddle Dee, as you race around as a car, keep your eyes peeled for a crack in the wall. Smash through, and you’ve got the last Waddle Dee. And for the final mission, just don’t fall into any holes as a car, and it’s fulfilled.

Natural Plains Stage 4: A Trip to Alivel Mall


Missions – Clear the stage; Save the hidden Waddle Dees; Eat 4 doughnuts; Eat an Invincible Candy; Navigate the mall without getting lost.

By far, the hardest missions in Alivel Mall are eating all the doughnuts and navigating the mall without issue. One of the doughnuts is well hidden. As for the navigation, it’s actually a fun little puzzle of sorts. But first, Kirby is hungry!

Natural Plains | Doughnut 1

The very first doughnut is just sitting there, floating on a table past the bomber and bone tosser duo. Just remove the cardboard boxes to find it.

Natural Plains | Doughnut 2

The second doughnut is in the area with a series of conveyor belts moving in a square after the mini-boss. On the far right corner, there’s a glowing spot. Touch it, and the doughnut will start floating around, so just grab it.

Natural Plain | Doughnut 3

To get the next doughnut, you have to be successfully navigating the mall with the clues provided. Once you reach the second area with Awoofies eating, look for the glowing spot and touch it to reveal the doughnut.

Natural Plains | Doughnut 4

The final doughnut is in the area right near the stage exit. Ignore the exit, and climb the ladder to the right. Up top is a Ranger and a lonely doughnut. You know what to do.

Natural Plains | Invincible Candy

The Invincible Candy is really obvious. It’s just a bit to the right of the place you found the first doughnut, and you can use it to wipe the floor with all the enemies in that large room.

Alivel Mall | Navigate 1

To navigate the mall without getting lost, you’ll have to use clues hidden behind lockers. Not doing so will result in pointless battles against rooms full of foes, and no treasure. Use Mouthful Mode to rip the lockers down, and then you’ll find the clues. The first one shows a right arrow in front of a burger. In the food court immediately after that clue, just exit the area to the right in front of the burger sign.

Alivel Mall | Navigate 2

For the second navigation, it’s a two-part clue. The first one shows a lefthand arrow in front of a cake, but there’s a tear in the diagram. Head a bit to the right to find a hidden area with more lockers. Rip them both off to find the missing clue, which is a picture of green ice cream. In the food court right nearby, just find the cake that’s to the left of ice cream, and exit left in front of it.

Alivel Mall | Hidden Waddle 1

Hidden Waddle No. 1 is in the upper area right by the Invincible Candy. Just climb the ladder and walk towards the bottom right to find his cage.

Alivel Mall | Hidden Waddle 2

The second Waddle Dee can’t be missed if you’re navigating the mall properly. It’s in the side room in a chest in front of a ton of burgers.

Alivel Mall | Hidden Waddle 3

The third one is in the section past the mini-boss. You’ll need Ice to get to him, so either eat the walrus or chow down on the snowman. Then follow the conveyor to the burning cubes, and freeze them so you can reach the ladder behind them. Climb up, hit the switch, and grab the Waddle Dee as he floats back and forth over the spike pit.

Alivel Mall | Hidden Waddle 4

The final Waddle Dee also can’t be missed if you’re navigating properly. It’s in the second hidden room in a trio of chests. Open it up to safely rescue the little guy.

Natural Plains Boss Stage: The Brawl at the Mall


Missions – Clear the stage; Slip through Gorimondo’s legs; Defeat Gorimondo with the Sword ability; Clear within 2:00; Clear without taking any damage

Gorimondo | Slipperoo

Now, the boss missions are a bit different. You won’t find any hidden Waddle Dees in their lair, but you can rescue a bunch by fulfilling really crazy requirements. For Gorimondo, those aren’t too bad, other than beating him in under two minutes or doing so without taking any damage. To slip through his legs, just wait until he lifts one up and start dashing.

I wouldn’t try and get all these missions in one go, though if you’re so inclined, you’ll need to equip the Sword first and be fast as lightning. If you want to go the safe route, I strongly recommend equipping Fire and using it to reduce the ape to ash in a very short amount of time. Just make sure to dodge carefully, and he won’t give you too much trouble.

And there you have it! HPP’s Natural Plains Waddle Dee guide. Check back in the coming days and weeks for more Kirby and the Forgotten Land guides.

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