Everyone’s Favorite 8-Bit Save-The-Day-Guy Makes an Explosive Return in McPixel 3

Poop Out Your Coworkers in McPixel 3!

McPixel 3

You ever find yourself playing a game where you have absolutely no idea what’s happening and can find no discernable, logical flow to things, but you’re having an absolute blast nonetheless? Okay cool yeah so sounds like you’ve played the 2012 indie classic McPixel, then. Well BUCKLE UP BUCKAROOS because McPixel 3 is exploding onto Steam this year and it is the most fish-slappingest, coworker-poopingest, billionaire-spider-summoningest game you’ve ever seen (with a bonus fishing level, nice!).

It’s hard to explain McPixel 3 without completely blowing the joy in discovering all the surprises on your own, so I’ll keep it as brief as possible. McPixel 3 has players taking on the role of the titular character McPixel, everyone’s favorite save-the-day-guy. Naturally, life is never boring for anyone described like that, so players will need to help McPixel wrangle himself out of extremely dangerous predicaments, like a train about to run out of track or a plane moments away from crashing. Additionally, there isn’t a whole lot of time to figure out a solution, as there’s only 20 seconds on the clock and time waits for no 8-bit man. How will McPixel save the day in these high-octane situations?

McPixel 3

Spanning 7(ish) levels that cycle quickly depending on player actions, McPixel 3 is a little reminiscent of a WarioWare title in the sense that there’s a limited amount of time to make the correct action; unlike a WarioWare title, however, players must guide McPixel through point and click mechanics to save the day (or die trying). A train may be about to careen off the tracks, but there’s a fish on the ground and a woman carrying a bowl of water. Perhaps the two things are connected? By clicking them in that order, you discover… ah well, nevermind, you’ve dropped the fish and have decided to dive headfirst into the bowl; moments later, the train completely derails and plunges off a cliff into a fiery explosion. In the words of another popular title: YOU DIED.

But death in McPixel 3 isn’t a bad thing — not by a long shot! Oh sure, it would be ideal if Mr. Save-The-Day could actually save the day, but by collecting every possible action, players can fill the movie reel up piece by piece. By collecting every single death — in addition to saving the day, of course — players can 100% complete each and every level, collecting every single gag after guffaw-inducing gag. Also present: face-meltingly extreme music that’ll make you feel like the star of an 8-bit 80s movie. Rad!

McPixel 3

If you’ve played the original McPixel, then you know what kind of game logic you’re up against in McPixel 3 (i.e., none); however, for the uninitiated, you seriously may want to head on over to Steam and give the original a shot. While point and clicks are notoriously strange at times when it comes to combining items to make new tools to use in a completely random place, McPixel 3 seriously takes the cake. You’d never think playing an electric guitar would be the key to summoning a gigantic spaceship, nor does it necessarily make sense to beat a man to death mid-air to steal his parachute (because yours holds not a life-saving device, but Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve), and it’s certainly a bit odd to kick a man to make his car keys fall out of his pocket, then hand them right back to them. In all seriousness, the best way to prepare for McPixel 3 is to play what came before it (McPixel 2 nowhere to be found, naturally — the game is so big they had to skip right to 3!).

I have only one complaint for McPixel 3, and that’s that I wish I could see more easily what footage it is I’m missing from the reel at any point in time. I only say this because it was a little difficult to figure out the timing of what gags I was missing (in the beginning portion of the level, towards the end, etc.), but I can also see that being thought of as “hand-holding” so it’s not a deal-breaker. More than anything, I’m excited for McPixel 3 to release later this year; until then, I’ll be playing the original to satisfy all the bizarre save-the-day situations I could ever possibly imagine.

Be sure to check out McPixel 3 on Steam today!

Heather Johnson Yu
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