Rune Factory 5 Bachelor Marriage Candidate Guide

Learn when, where, and how to win over the charming chaps of Rigbarth in our Rune Factory 5 Bachelor Marriage Candidate Guide!



Life in Rigbarth is always exciting, thanks to the plethora of content that Rune Factory 5 presents to its players, but I’m betting that most of us out there can admit that life within the game would be at least a little bit sweeter with a special someone at your side. A special someone, such as, perhaps, a charming, young chap who also happens to be living in Rigbarth!? Well, you’re in luck, dear reader, because Rune Factory 5 doesn’t just have one available bachelor, but six for players to choose from—lucky you! Of course, love isn’t always an easy thing, as I’m sure we all know. In fact, in this game, there’s not even a guarantee when the spark of romance is finally going to ignite. That’s exactly why we’re here, though—to pass on what we know about the ins and outs of romance within the world of Rune Factory 5. And, by doing that it’s our hope that we’ll be making things go at least a little more smoothly for you in the process. So, without further ado, let’s begin our dive into the hearts and minds of Rigbarth’s marvelous men! …Well, the single and readily available ones, anyway (sorry, Palmo’s off the table).

Please be warned before reading any further that this guide does contain certain spoilers related to the main story!


MartinRune Factory 5 Martin

A living, breathing, embodiment of the “strong, silent type” archetype, Martin spends much of his time toiling away in the True Strike Smithy as an apprentice blacksmith working under Rigbarth’s own residential smith, Darroch. Martin is incredibly serious about becoming the best that he can be—so much so that he essentially has to be forced to leave the shop from time to time to take care of himself—but there’s just something about that kind of passion that you can’t help but admire. Still, even with his eyes on the blacksmithing prize, he does make sure to place aside time to take care of his younger brother (and fellow bachelor), Cecil.

Some residents will openly tell you what kinds of things that they like. Martin, surprisingly, isn’t one of those residents—so we’ll tell you instead! One of the easiest ways to cozy up to Martin is to gift him some ore, like Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. If you really want to impress Martin, though, try gifting him some Orichalcum… granted you can find some and are willing to do so, of course. Oh, but be careful when giving him seafood—he’s pretty picky about that.





Rune Factory 5 CecilCecil

Despite being his brother, Cecil is Martin’s opposite in many ways. Where Martin is stoic, focused, and grounded in his work as an apprentice blacksmith, Cecil’s work as an apprentice detective sees him running around Righbarth at a breakneck pace from dusk to dawn to solve all of its mysteries… whether they actually exist or not. Despite his rash nature and tendency to act before thinking, however, Cecil still has a solid head on his shoulders and a heart of gold—this, combined with his undying passion to become a detective, eventually leads him to begin working at Terry’s Detective agency once it opens. Even then, however, he can’t sit still for long—you’ll still find him wandering all over the place, regardless of what point you’re at in the game.

As you might expect, Cecil has an affinity for certain strange or mysterious objects, especially those related to the sea. Some of these favorites include Old Fish Bones and Ammonite. Additionally, Cecil enjoys fruit, like Strawberries and Apples. Does Cecil dislike anything, though? Well, that’s no mystery! Cecil hates dairy products—so no Cheese, please!






The proprietor of the Blue Moon—Rigbarth’s very own Inn & Spa—Murakumo’s constantly got his hands full dealing with a steady influx of customers and rarely leaves his post at the front desk, save for the occasional meal at the Lackadaisy or to briefly step into his room (which is literally a few feet away). For a lot of people, such a job might leave them stressed and perhaps even a tad on the bitter sidebut not Murakumo! In fact, it’s probably safe to say that he’s one of the most relaxed and jovial residents in the entirety of the town! On top of that, Murakumo’s always willing to lend a helping hand to those who may need it and, while this might see him getting taken advantage of by some less-than-reputable freebie-seekers on occasion, the majority of those whom he helps are truly thankful for his aid. As for any other faults? Well, he’s pretty bad at picking out gifts for his sister, Misasagi. You could really do a lot worse than that, though.

If you’re asking you’re self what kinds of wares this were-animal likes, all you need to do is hand him over a steady supply of Dragon Fangs, and he’ll be head-over-heels for you. What’s that? Dragon Fangs are an end-game item? Okay, then, try cooking him up some delicious Dumplings—they’re a very basic recipe with a single, cheap ingredient. Keep your cooking simple, though! For whatever reason, though, Murakumo hates sweets. Don’t go giving him things like Chocolate Cookies, Cake, and Chocolate Sponge Cake if your aim is to make him your husband!



Rune Factory 5 RykerRyker

The mysterious and enigmatic Ryker is a very different kind of person, depending on when and where it is that you bump into him. By day, he’s a sleepy, slovenly apprentice doing the bare minimum to get by at Studio Palmo. At night, however, his senses sharpen, and this man who seemingly once had no care in the world disappears off into the darkness. Just what could Ryker be doing? Where could he be going? Just who is Ryker, exactly?

A lot of things about Ryker remain a mystery, but I’ll let you in on a secret regarding some his favorite gifts. Just make him a tasty treat like a Jam Roll or, his favorite, Ice Cream, and you two will cozy up to one another in no time flat. He also seems to have a thing for Devil Blood, though, so… I guess you can give that to him as well. You know, if Ice Cream isn’t your thing.





ReinhardRune Factory 5 Reinhard

A knight of Norad whose strength is only matched by his loyalty to Biatrice—the princess accompanying him whom he has sworn to protect—this knight in shining armor doesn’t appear until after the player has reached a certain point in the game. I won’t tell you when that is, but I will say that it’s fairly early on. After *ahem* reaching said certain point, he will eventually take up residence in the top floor of the Belpha Ruins, which, yes, is the entrance to a dungeon. Being a resident of the non-permanent type, Reinhard doesn’t have a set job like most other people, and instead will spend his time in various locations around town depending on what time of day it is.

Reinhard’s sword may be loyal to Biatrice, but that can’t (and won’t) stop his heart from being loyal to you if you so choose! Just keep in mind that, as a knight, Reinhard has simple tastes. Giving him easy-to-eat foods like Toast and Jelly Rolls will make his day. Please keep this knight’s humility in mind when considering what he doesn’t like as well! Extravagant gifts like gems are an absolute no-no for Reinhard!




LucasRune Factory 5 Lucas

Marrying a knight, or a detective, or whatever Ryker is would be cool and all, but what if you could marry someone a little more… divinely inspired? Would you want that? If your answer is “yes,” then you’re in luck, because Lucas is a literal god! Well, at least he thinks he’s a god. You see, like the protagonist, he lost his memory at some point. After eventually being found by the dear old protag, he started working for Heinz at The Crystalabra due to his ability to appraise gems and crystals with inhuman accuracy and speed (almost like he was, you know, a god or something). When he’s not doing that, he can be found putting on shows in the Grand Tree Plaza (though only in cutscenes, I’m afraid), or eating in the Lackadaisy.

Interested in marrying way, way up for yourself? Start out by schmoozing it up with some CrystalsLucas loves those things. His favorite two are Big Crystals and Small Crystals, though—and, yes, those are both actual items (and they’re also kind of rare). As for food, well, Lucas will tell you himself about a hundred times that it’s Udon. Like, it’s not even a joke how many times he tells you he likes Udon.





A Few More Tips


Before saying goodbye and wishing you good luck, I’d like to present you with a few more (hopefully helpful) tips for you to keep in mind while you take your chance at love:

  1. You receive affection from giving a person a gift, talking to them, and using the Greeting Spell once per day (doing the same thing multiple times will not yield increased results).
  2. Be sure to view your love interest’s romance events before confessing to them! The game isn’t entirely clear on whether or not it’s actually mandatory to do this, but I’d say better safe than sorry with this kind of thing.
  3. Love isn’t guaranteed in Rune Factory 5Unlike with previous titles, a higher Friendship Level only means an increased chance of successfully confessingnot a guaranteed confession.
  4. There’s no time limit on love! You don’t need to rush it if you don’t want to. Alternatively, you can focus entirely on it if you’d like! It’s totally up to you!


Time to Go Find You a Fella!



That’s a wrap on Hey Poor Player’s Rune Factory 5 Bachelor Marriage Candidate Guide! Hopefully, you found something helpful in there! Do you have any helpful hints that we didn’t mention? Which bachelor do you like the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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