Where to Find All Light Realm Cores in Genshin Impact’s Three Realms Gateway Offering Event Area

Get Enlightened With This Guide to Finding The Light Realm Cores for the Bokuso Box in Genshin Impact


Greetings, Travelers. Today we’ll be taking a look at where all you can find the Light Cores in the Three Realms Gateway Offerings event area. There are six Luxurious Chests scattered around the Three Realms Gateway Offering event area that will give you Light Realm Cores to unlock Bokuso Box perks.


The First Luxurious Chest


The first Luxurious Chest we’re looking for is towards the westernmost island.

To access this Luxurious Chest, you’ll need to first get access to the challenge shown in the picture above. The thing is, it’s gated off, and you’ll need to find three Seelies nearby to gain access to the challenge. The image below shows a map where the banner with the exclamation mark is the chest location and the star-shaped icons mark where the Seelies are.

The first Seelie is accessible via some Illusory Platforms, so ensure you have some charge in your Bokuso Box.

The second Seelie is located near a tree and ruins with a Ruin Grader near it.

The last one is on a Hilichurl Tower very close to the challenge marker.

Now that the challenge marker is accessible, you’ll need to purify it with the Bokuso Box then activate it. For this fight, you’ll be up against two Bathysmal Vishaps and two Dancing Thunder Kairagis in under 240 seconds. Once you complete that, the Luxurious Chest will appear.


The Second Luxurious Chest


The second chest is located in the eastern cluster of islands, as pictured on the map here. It’s hiding in with the Ruin Grader that’s been “captured.” There are four Electro Totems you’ll need to activate before you can access the device that will release the Ruin Grader. The image below shows where the totems are. You’ll need to fight a bit to get some of them.

Keep in mind, on the image, there’s one circled on the upper part of the image, but you can’t see the totem. The totem is actually in a little room above where the Ruin Grader and chest are.

Once you get all four totems lit up, you can activate the mechanism to let you fight the Ruin Grader and get your loot.


The Third Luxurious Chest


The next chest is over on the eastern-most island section. You can actually see where it’s at on the map, as shown below.

The trick to this is that there are five Electro Totems near the Luxurious Chest. An Electro Seelie is stationed there that will zip around in a star-shaped pattern. You need to activate the Totems according to the Seelie’s path.


Once the puzzle’s solved, an Electro Abyss Mage and a Pyro Abyss Mage will appear. Defeat them, and then you’ll need to defeat some Hilichurl Archers and a Stonehide Lawachurl. Finally, with them all dead, you can claim your reward.


The Fourth Luxurious Chest


The next chest is at the south-easternmost island. It’s just like the first chest where there’s a challenge marker that requires three Seelies to be found before it can be accessed.

The map below will show where the two Seelies are.

Once you drop the shield, you’ll need to complete the challenge, which consists of taking down two Bathysmal Vishaps in under 180 seconds. These Vishaps are paired, so when you kill one, you need to have the other one killed very quickly afterward, or the other one will revive.


The Fifth Luxurious Chest


The next chest is at the easternmost islands, and is another shielded challenge marker.


Two of the Seelies are in plain sight, while a third one is hiding underneath some glowing rock piles. Use an Element that reacts with Electro to bust down the rock wall and reveal the Seelie.

Once you get the challenge marker unlocked, you’ll need to defeat three Bathysmal Vishaps in under 120 seconds.


The Sixth Luxurious Chest


The final Luxurious Chest is located near the Dainichi Mikoshi, but you’ll need to complete a side quest to get to it called The Bunkoku Enigma. You can find a guide here on how to complete the quest and get the final chest.

With all six Light Realm Cores in your pocket, you can get all of the available perks for the Bokuso Box to help in your journey through the darkness of the Three Realms Gateway Offering. Stay tuned for more of the latest Genshin Impact news and guides.

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