SpellForce III Console Ports Now Set To Release In June

No Need To Dust Off Those Staffs Yet



Xbox and PlayStation owners who were eager to show off their mighty spellcasting abilities with the console release of SpellForce III Reforced are going to have a little longer to wait.

Originally penciled in for a December 2021 release date that was subsequently pushed out until March of this year, SpellForce III Reforced is now slated for June 7, 2022. Whilst it’s only natural for those who were eagerly anticipating the March release to be disappointed at this news, an update from THQ Nordic confirms that the extra time is going to be spent ensuring that the developers, Grimlore Games, have the time needed to ensure the game is in the “best possible shape before it gets released.” In a climate where it’s all too common to see titles rushed out the door with a ton of optimisation still required, it’s nice to see both the developer and the publisher banding together to ensure SpellForce III Reforced releases in a state worthy of its audience.

For those who have perhaps had limited exposure to the SpellForce series, THQ Nordic also provided a little refresher on what players can expect from the finished product come June 7 when they jump into this unique cocktail of RPG and RTS action:

  • Innovative Mix: Unique gameplay blending RTS and RPG naturally together
  • Streamlined for consoles: Intuitive gamepad integration and tailor-made UI to smoothly control a strategy/RPG mix with complex mechanics
  • Create & Customize: Create your own hero and choose between distinct skill trees
  • Single-player campaign: Featuring the dark, enthralling story of the long-misunderstood Trolls and their battle for survival, with a playtime of around 20 hours
  • Build to Fight: Raise your own army and fight epic mass battles
  • Epic Storyline: Immerse yourself in a rich world – Unravel the secrets behind the current situation in Nortander. Explore Eo, a fully-realized world filled with interesting characters and heart-wrenching stories.
  • Make new friends – assemble your party from a diverse cast of companions that not only complement your skills in interesting ways but also have an impact on the narrative. Manage their skills and equipment to ensure victory on the battlefield.
  • Choose your side: Strengthen and command one of three factions – Elves, Orcs, and Humans. Prepare your troops and fight the mother of all battles. Play strategically, taking advantage of terrain, troop formations, visibility, scouting, etc.
  • Experience an epic tale: Enjoy a fully-voiced 30+ hour campaign on your own or with friends in the campaign coop mode. Face opponents of all skills in the online battles.


If that all sounds appealing to you, pre-orders are already live for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. And if you’re already sold on SpellForce III Reforced, you might be glad to know that THQ Nordic has also confirmed that both the “Soul Harvest” and “Fallen God” expansions will launch simultaneously alongside the base game on June 7. These optional add-ons can be bought separately, or can be snapped up as part of the SpellFocre III Reforced Complete Edition, also available now for pre-order.

Will you be jumping into SpellForce III Reforced? Are you bummed out by the delay? Feel free to chime in below in the comments section!


Shane Boyle
Shane's passion for gaming began many moons ago upon receiving his first console, Sega's Master System. These days, he games across a variety of systems, though he primarily sticks to his PlayStation 5 and Series X. Despite enjoying a wide variety of genres, he has a huge soft spot for RPGs, both Western and Japanese, whilst also being a self-professed Destiny 2 addict. Outside of gaming, Shane enjoys live music (as long as it's rock or metal!) and going to stand-up comedy shows, and is also Father to a little boy who he hopes will one day be raiding alongside him in Destiny!

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