Amazon Games and Smilegate Take the Gaming World By Storm With Lost Ark

Lost Ark Lands With A Bang On Steam And Twitch


Following on from the massive success of New World, Amazon Games has struck gold again, it seems, with Action MMORPG Lost Ark, developed by South Korean studio Smilegate.

Following a successful early access period which ran from February 8-11 for those who had purchased a founder’s pack, Lost Ark launched fully on February 11 and since then, has been nothing short of a phenomenon, not only dominating the Steam charts but also raking in crazy amounts of views on Twitch. If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out the numbers below:

  • In less than 24 hours since its full launch on February 11, Lost Ark reached a peak of 1.35 million concurrent players worldwide, which earned it the accolade of being the second highest-played game of all time in terms of concurrent players.
  • Over on Twitch, a huge 1.2 million concurrent viewers tuned in to watch over 112,000 total streams. This resulted in an astounding total of almost 60 million hours of Lost Ark content being viewed on the streaming behemoth.
  • As if all that wasn’t impressive enough, Amazon Games has confirmed that over 4.7 million players in the west have registered with and played Lost Ark.

Impressive stuff then, and it seems that Amazon Games are keen to work with Smilegate and keep the momentum rolling after such a successful launch. In an update received today from Amazon Games, a comment from VP Christoph Hartmann revealed that Amazon is working closely with Smilegate to add more content already, as well as regular updates in order to maintain a global community for years to come.

It sounds like Amazon Games and Smilegate are all-in on Lost Ark, and it will be interesting to see if they can capitalize on the current buzz around the game by churning out content quickly enough to retain a healthy playerbase, in a genre where giants like Path of Exile and the Diablo series have long-established their dominance.

Whilst all that plays out, why not let us know down in the comments below whether or not you are one of the 4.7 million people who sampled what Lost Ark has to offer since its launch. Do you think this hype will blow over, or are we truly looking at the next major player in the Action RPG space?



Shane Boyle
Shane's passion for gaming began many moons ago upon receiving his first console, Sega's Master System. These days, he games across a variety of systems, though he primarily sticks to his PlayStation 5 and Series X. Despite enjoying a wide variety of genres, he has a huge soft spot for RPGs, both Western and Japanese, whilst also being a self-professed Destiny 2 addict. Outside of gaming, Shane enjoys live music (as long as it's rock or metal!) and going to stand-up comedy shows, and is also Father to a little boy who he hopes will one day be raiding alongside him in Destiny!

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