Genshin Impact Wondrous Shadows Minigame Guide

Shed a Little Light on the Wondrous Shadows’ Minigame Puzzles in Genshin Impact’s Fleeting Colors In Flight Event

Greetings, Travelers! Today we’ll be taking a look at the Wondrous Shadows section of the Fleeting Colors in Flight event, heralding in the next year of wonderful festivities for the Lantern Rite Festival. To participate in this event, you’ll need to have reached Adventure Rank 28 and have done the quests “Chapter 1: Act III – A New Star Approaches” and “The Crane Returns on the Wind.” There are four main aspects to this big event, but for this guide, we’ll be exclusively taking a look at the Wondrous Shadows section.

To start this part of the event, you’ll need to go find Yuan Rong down by the pier. Once you get filled in by her on the instructions, you can head to the lantern to get started.

For this part of the event, you’ll be taking these wooden sculptures and moving them around until a shadow cast from them makes something of importance. Don’t worry if you can’t get it. After enough time has passed, the game will give you a hint so you can figure out what it is that you’re supposed to be making the shadows look like. There’s a progress bar down at the bottom that will fill up the closer you get to the solution. To start this event, you’ll go talk to Yuan Rong down by the Liyue pier. She’ll give you the basics on the Shadow Lantern. Head on over and interact with the Shadow Lantern to get started. Just as a heads up, I’ll be posting the answers, so spoilers ahead. Keep in mind that if it looks like you have the object lined up, but the progress bar isn’t filled up, you might have it facing the wrong way, so flip it 180 degrees horizontally and check again.

1 – Censer


2 – Ship

3 – Kite

For the next three, keep in mind that there are two segments now that you’ll need to modify independently to make the shadows into an image.

4 – Mountain Symbol

5 – Scales

6 – Mora

For the last three, there can be up to three segments that need moving, as well as some that will change the positioning of the different segments.

7 – Deer

8 – Flower

9 – Crane

The grand total of rewards you’ll get from this are 180 Primogems, 270000 Mora, 9 Hero’s Wit, 18 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and 1200 Affluence Talismans. The Affluence Talismans are used in Stage 1 of the Afterglow Market event store, containing various fireworks for your Launch Tube, Gem Fragments used for character level-ups, and Hero’s Wit. You’ll also need 1000 Affluence Talismans alongside 1000 Conquest Talismans for the Prosperous Partnerships that lets you add any 4-Star character from Liyue join your character roster. Gathering 2400 Affluence Talismans is also a requirement for getting Ningguang’s exclusive costume, Orchid’s Evening Guide, as part of The Moon’s Comely Brow.

Need a hand with one of the other parts of the Fleeting Colors in Flight event? Check them out here:

Until next time, stay tuned for more of the latest guides and news for Genshin Impact!

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